‘Little People, Big World’: Amy Roloff Shares Video Of Baby Jackson Saying ‘Daddy,’ Fans Say ‘Cutest’ Ever

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Little People, Big World star Amy Roloff took to her social media accounts just hours ago to share a video of baby Jackson saying “daddy.” Amy’s fans and followers are saying that the short video clip is one of the “cutest things” they’ve ever seen. Some fans even said they put the video in “repeat mode” to hear the first Roloff grandbaby call for daddy Zach.

Amy Roloff’s “amazing” video of baby Jackson saying his “first word” has gone viral in just a few hours, as fans of Little People, Big World eagerly jump at any chance to see either of the two “cutest” Roloff grandkids. Both baby Jackson and baby Ember are supposed to be featured in the upcoming new season of LPBW, but fans follow the Roloff family on social media for any new updates on the two grandbabies until the unknown premiere date.

Proud grandma Amy Roloff often shares photos and videos of both of her grandkids across all of her social media accounts, and her followers were left captivated by her latest video of baby Jackson. On Monday, Amy shared what some fans are calling the “best sound in the world” as baby Jackson clearly says “daddy” in a video that was uploaded to her Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Loyal fans of Little People, Big World quickly picked up on baby Jackson “calling for his dad.” Fans were not surprised that Jackson chose “daddy” as his first word, especially since Zach and Jackson obviously have a close bond. Mom Tori Roloff often shares how “good” Zach is to Jackson, and fans comment that father and son are like “best buds.”

Tori Roloff also shared in baby Jackson’s recent eight-month milestones update that he “says ‘dada’ on a regular basis,” adding that she doesn’t count that as his first word — “until he figures out what he’s actually saying.” However, fans of the Roloff family’s long-running TLC reality TV series, Little People, Big World, think that baby Jackson definitely knows that he’s saying “daddy” and not just “sleepy babbles.”

An article on BabyCenter shares that babies will make sounds that turn into “real words” as early as 6-months-old. One comment on Amy Roloff’s short video upload of Jackson said that “daddy” is usually “always” a baby’s first word.

As Jackson sings his “daddy song” in the video that Grandma Roloff captioned with #mygrandson, several comments also pointed out his two “little teeth” and thought maybe Jackson is teething, especially since he gets fussy towards the end of the video. One Little People, Big World fan told Amy Roloff that baby Jackson is telling her “all kinds of things,” while another fan told Amy that he’s “telling on daddy.”

“He’s telling stories, Grandma.”

“That expression on his face is adorable!”

“I heard him loud and clear! He’s calling Daddy!”


Another fan comment shared that she was listening to baby Jackson in the early morning hours “over and over,” and Amy Roloff even captioned the video with how she “just can’t get enough of Jackson.”

Overall, fans of Little People, Big World think that baby Jackson is starting to look “just like” daddy Zach and “obviously loves saying” the word “daddy.” Fans are also somewhat shocked that baby Jackson is “talking already.”

Proud grandpa Matt Roloff, 56, hinted on his Facebook account less than two weeks ago that Little People, Big World will return to TLC for Season 13 in just a “few short months,” and Zach and Tori Roloff updated their TLC video blog recently with a fun family video making “their favorite lunch” and baby Jackson joining in the mealtime conversation.

As Amy Roloff, 53, continues with her “second act” as a grandma and a dating divorcee, fans of Little People, Big World tell her to “keep the videos and pics” of baby Jackson coming.

Amy Roloff updated her Twitter account to show that she’s “Mom on TLC LPBWfor Season 13, clearing up any rumors that Little People, Big World was canceled.