WWE News: Current WWE Superstar Issues Challenge To CM Punk, Takes Shot At Former World Champion


In 2014, CM Punk officially left the world of wrestling to pursue a career in UFC, but that hasn’t left him without challengers in the squared circle. It took almost two years for Punk, real name Phil Brooks, to get his first fight in the octagon, and he ended up losing quickly to Mickey Gall. Now, UFC President Dana White has said they’re working on a second fight, but a current superstar from WWE has decided to issue the challenge.

There was a good bit of doubt in Punk’s UFC career from the very start, but then he received his first fight against Gall. He landed a grand total of six strikes before losing by submission in just two minutes and 14 seconds.

Still, White believes that Punk deserves another chance, and according to a report from ESPN, UFC is currently searching for his second opponent. White said that Punk is a “good dude” who wants another shot, and the president of the company is “going to give it to him.”

When word started making the rounds that Punk was going to have a second fight and UFC was searching for his opponent, one cheeky WWE superstar decided to step up and issue a challenge.

Yes, WWE cruiserweight superstar Jack Gallagher has decided to take a shot at CM Punk. Sportskeeda reports that the challenge doesn’t come without merit, though, as Gallagher has a 2-0 record in the MMA world and is known the world over for his submission holds.


Back in December of 2015, Gallagher had his first-ever MMA fight at Night of the Gladiators 25 and defeated Stefan Cowley by submission in less than two minutes. His second fight was in April of 2016, where he defeated Cesar Valencia.

Of course, Gallagher’s challenge to CM Punk was a pretty big shot, but it has brought about support for both fighters. Some believe that Gallagher is out of his league, but others think that his record has something to say, as opposed to CM Punk’s 0-1.

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As things currently stand, CM Punk is a fighter in Dana White’s UFC and Jack Gallagher is a superstar in Vince McMahon’s WWE. There is not a good chance of them having a fight at any point in the near future. Punk is going to have a second fight in the octagon, and it could lead to a successful MMA career. However, if he suffers a second straight loss, a return to WWE may not be totally out of the question.