Marshall County High School Shooting: Kentucky Shooter Shot ’15 Rounds Into Library,’ Says Student

There has been a tragic school shooting at Marshall County High School, located at 416 High School Road in Benton, Kentucky. According to the Associated Press, reports of at least one person who was killed in the high school shooting in rural Kentucky are emerging. As seen in the below tweet from the verified Twitter account of Governor Matt Bevin, the shooting at Marshall County High School on the morning of Tuesday, January 23, is being called a tragedy.

Governor Matt Bevin urged the public not to speculate about the shooting, but he confirmed that at least one person died in the school shooting. Bevin also noted that there is still a lot that is not known about the shooting but confirmed that the Marshall County High School shooter is in fact in custody. On Instagram, the Marshall County High School geo-tag features reports from alleged students that call the attack “planned.”

“This has been planned for three weeks now. Some parents have known about it as well.”

As a result of the shooting, Marshall County is trending on Twitter, with the area located approximately 120 miles northwest of Nashville, Tennessee, at the center of plenty of prayers and tweets. The name Marshall County High School is also currently trending on Twitter, with thousands of tweets about the shooting pouring into Twitter.

As reported by CBS News, a minimum of five high school students were shot at the southwestern Kentucky high school on Tuesday morning.

Students at Marshall County High School also turned to social media to ask for prayers in the wake of injuries being reported at the high school as news of the shooting broke.

An advanced Twitter search for tweets about “shooter” near Benton, Kentucky, within a 15-mile radius of tweets coming from that area are providing more information about Twitter users in the area. Those tweeting in the area using the word “shot” report that at least seven people were shot. Folks are also using the word “shooting” in their tweets in the area to publish their thoughts about the incident.


According to the below tweet from an alleged student at Marshall County High School, the shooting occurred around 8 a.m. or earlier, with alleged reports that the school shooter shot 15 rounds into the school’s library. Previous tweets from the same account display Kentucky-related videos, as well as videos about student teachers and ones that appear to be taken within a high school classroom.