Meghan Markle’s Conscientious Style Copied By Kate Middleton: Duchess Of Cambridge Wears Scarf For A Cause

Eddie Mulholland/Pool PhotoAP Images

Meghan Markle may have inspired her soon-to-be sister-in-law, Kate Middleton, to make fashion choices that don’t just look good on her but also make a statement. And this week, the Duchess of Cambridge seemingly copied Meghan by wearing a scarf whose designer intends to donate some of the profits to help women who have been victimized by the sex trafficking industry, The Telegraph is reporting.

On Tuesday, Kate stopped by Roe Green Junior School in London’s Brent section, where she kicked off a mental health awareness program for British schools. The Heads Together program is designed to get British schoolchildren talking with each other and the adults in their lives about mental health, removing the stigma attached to mental illness and teaching them the signs they need to watch out for so they can seek help or encourage others to seek help.

While there, Kate was spotted wearing a scarf by designer Beulah London. The blue scarf is described by Telegraph Writer Olivia Buxton Smith as “Matisse-inspired,” a reference to 20th-century French artist Henri Matisse. The scarf is currently not available to the general public, but you can pre-order your own for £95 ($133).


The designer promises that ten percent of the proceeds from the sales of the scarf will go into a fund called The Beulah Trust. That fund provides money to women who have been victimized by the sex trafficking trade, helping them with creating sustainable livelihoods for them after they’ve been freed from sexual slavery.

Designers Lady Natasha Rufus Isaacs and Lavinia Brennan got the idea to create the fund after a 2010 trip to India, where they visited the slums of Delhi and saw firsthand the destruction wrought upon women by the sex trade.

Telegraph Writer Olivia Buxton Smith notes that both Kate and Meghan have to be diligent in what they wear. Wearing something too expensive or unusual sends the wrong message. Both women, however, are passionate about certain issues they believe in, so wearing a garment that brings attention to one of the women’s favorite causes is a great way to combine their fashion choices and their passions together.