Meghan Markle, Camilla Parker Bowles Alleged Feud Risks Prince Harry’s Wedding & Charles’ Marriage [Rumor]


Even before Meghan Markle and Prince Harry announced their engagement, rumors soared that Prince Charles’ wife, Camilla Parker Bowles, did not approve. Beyond disapproving, Camilla reportedly even attempted to prevent Prince Harry from proposing to Meghan, with allegations that Parker Bowles was conducting a “smear campaign,” as the Inquisitr reported.

When it comes to why Parker Bowles is rumored to be so against Markle that a nasty feud has developed, the Cheat Sheet reported that Camilla does not believe that Meghan is “worthy” of becoming a member of the royal family for several reasons.

“Camilla supposedly isn’t fond of Meghan because she is American and does not come from a royal background. [Parker Bowles] wasn’t a fan of Meghan dumping her boyfriend of two years the second she met Harry, seeing it as a social climbing move.”

There are some additional reports that support the allegations about Camilla’s views. Parker Bowles reportedly had a similarly hostile attitude about Kate Middleton before her marriage to Prince William. And when it comes to Markle’s speedy “dumping” of her boyfriend for Prince Harry, Meghan’s own stepsister has made similar allegations.

Camilla Parker Bowles’ Feud With Meghan Markle Recalls Her War With Kate Middleton

In addition to rumors that Camilla attempted to “sabotage” Prince Harry’s engagement, one report claimed that Parker Bowles caused more than a dozen Buckingham Palace staff members to resign. That mass exit of royal staffers succeeded in damaging Harry’s and Meghan’s initial wedding plans, according to a source quoted by the media outlet.

Although Harry has sought to move forward, appearing with Markle at various royal events, the rumors about the rift with Camilla have not ended. Moreover, when it comes to confirming Camilla’s rumored feud with Meghan and the possible impact on Markle’s wedding day, Parker Bowles has faced similar reports in the past. Prince Harry’s and Prince William’s stepmother was accused of attempting to meddle in William’s romance with Kate.

“[Camilla Parker Bowles] allegedly [tried] to interfere with Prince William and Kate Middleton’s relationship. It was said that Camilla had confidantes leak lies about Kate to the tabloids in order to paint her in a bad light.”

While it might seem that Middleton would learn about the situation and rush to Meghan’s defense after experiencing a similar feud with Parker Bowles, tales of Kate and Markle teaming up to boot Camilla from the royal family have been discounted. But Parker Bowles may not escape from her allegedly meddling ways without suffering some damage.

Camilla Parker Bowles’ Rumored Battle With Meghan Markle Angers Prince Charles

According to Yahoo, Camilla’s alleged royal feuds have not succeeded in changing the love that Prince Harry and Prince William feel for Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton.

Instead, Parker Bowles’ actions have backfired to harm her marriage to Prince Charles.

“[Prince Harry and Prince William] are deeply in love, but there may be trouble in paradise for Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles.”

Citing insiders quoted by Woman’s Day, the media outlet reported that Camilla’s rift with Meghan is damaging her relationship with Charles. The sources confirmed the rumors that Parker Bowles is unhappy that Harry went ahead and proposed to Markle. But by allegedly acting out and attempting to interfere with Harry’s romance, Camilla has angered Charles, who is reportedly taking his son’s side.

Parker Bowles has not attempted to hide her dislike of Meghan, according to one of the insiders. In turn, Camilla’s hostility toward Markle has reportedly infuriated Prince Charles.

Prince Charles Reportedly Stands By Prince Harry Against Camilla Parker Bowles: Wedding Day Worries

The royal source revealed that Parker Bowles “can’t stand Meghan.” Because Camilla has allegedly displayed hostility toward Markle, Charles is not just aware of the situation. He’s reportedly horrified.

“Charles has found the whole thing exasperating. He can’t believe his wife is so small minded and has told her to her face.”

While Parker Bowles’ feud with Meghan is hurting her marriage, it also is causing concern about what will happen on Harry’s and Markle’s wedding day, according to the insider. Charles wants to be there on Harry’s wedding day in May, standing by his son’s side and welcoming Meghan into the royal family.

Prince Charles wants to be by Prince Harry's side when he marries Meghan Markle, but Camilla Parker Bowles' feud could cause problems.
Prince Charles wants to be by Prince Harry's side when he marries Meghan Markle, but Camilla Parker Bowles' feud could cause problems. Featured image credit: Alastair GrantAP Images

But the feud between Markle and Parker Bowles has allegedly become so intense that Camilla may be removed from the wedding guest list. With Harry’s and Meghan’s wedding day set to be publicized around the world, the royal family has no desire to showcase a rift.

As a result, Harry and Markle may find themselves in the unenviable position of having to choose whether to invite a woman who reportedly dislikes Meghan to the wedding or ban Parker Bowles and risk the Queen’s displeasure for displaying the feud to the world.

The remainder of the royal family has not shown any displeasure with Markle. Instead, Meghan has charmed Harry’s relatives, earning an invitation from the Queen to spend Christmas with the family and receiving a place on the “fast track” to becoming royalty, as the Inquisitr pointed out. Markle also has been praised for her charity work, and she is seen as the “People’s Princess,” just like Harry’s late mother, Princess Diana.