January 23, 2018
Melania Trump Divorce Speculation Runs Amok Online After FLOTUS Cancels Davos Trip With Husband

Laura Trump appeared on Fox & Friends Tuesday morning, and she conveyed just how "gracious" the First Lady has remained despite what life throws at her from the left. There was no mention of any specific events or any of the new allegations regarding President Trump in the headlines, but Laura Trump sees her stepmother-in-law, Melania Trump, as continuing to remain "gracious" today.

What is not being said is what had sparked the speculation in the online world via comments today. People are suggesting that the Trump marriage is unraveling. The latest news puts Melania Trump bowing out of a planned trip to Davos, Switzerland with her husband later this week. Other than the excuse of "scheduling and logistical issues," there's no elaboration as to why Melania will not go with Trump as planned, according to the report from CNN.

According to People Magazine, the author who made many bombshell claims in his Fire & Fury book has made another new claim. This new claim does not appear in his book, but it is getting much attention today.

Michael Wolff claims Trump is currently having an affair but who the mystery woman allegedly might be was not known. This comes on the heels of the Stormy Daniels affair allegations, which puts an awful lot of rumors on Melania's proverbial plate. With Melania not seen with Trump at a few recent events that he hosted, coupled with Melania canceling the Switzerland trip, people are speculating online that there is trouble in their marriage.

Melania and Donald Trump

Social media is on fire with new predictions that Melania and Donald Trump's marriage is unraveling. With their 13th wedding anniversary yesterday, neither Melania or Donald offered 'nary a word' on Twitter commemorating the day for each other, reports the Miami Herald. This lack of romantic acknowledgment put even more fuel on the fire. One Twitter user writes, "Wow! Things are Stormy in TrumpLandia. Netflix may want to do a new show called 13 Anniversary Reasons, Why?"

Twitter users commented on a Raw Story tweet, and many suggest that Melania Trump knew what she was getting herself into by marrying Trump. Other folks seem to think it wasn't a real marriage to begin with, which is suggested in the tweet below.

Melania has not made a public statement since January 12, according to CNN. Despite arriving at the same location with Trump at Mar-a-Lago during the Martin Luther King long weekend, she was not seen at two different evening events that were hosted by President Trump. Melania was missing from these affairs.

This is not the end of the events adding to the growing speculation of trouble in their marriage. Melania seemed to present herself as a solo act in a recent tweet celebrating a year as the FLOTUS. As reported in a previous Inquisitr article, Melania also neglected to mention Trump in that recent tweet posted to celebrate her first year. She posted a picture that shows her arm-in-arm with a handsome young military officer, as seen below, rather than using a picture of Trump and her together.

Up until Trump ran for the seat in the Oval Office, Melania was a very private person and pretty much did her own thing by raising Barron and spending time with her parents in the lap of luxury that was provided for her within her marriage to Trump, suggests a Vanity Fair article from last year. With Trump in the White House, their relationship has been put under a microscope, which has spawned rumors upon rumors.

Melania Trump is attempting to cope with "very intense public scrutiny of her marriage," according to Vanity Fair. The accusations of Trump's alleged infidelity are headline news these days, and despite Melania's coping skills, people are expecting that there has to be a point for the FLOTUS where she finds this has become too much.

Some people online believe this is how the Trump marriage has always operated, with Melania at home in her "golden Fifth Avenue fortress, at a price—putting up with her husband's humiliations and boorishness," writes Vanity Fair.

This is giving more fuel to the folks online who've predicted the marriage of Donald and Melania Trump is just about ready to fall apart, which is evident from the comments seen on Twitter, some which appear below.