Jinger Duggar Fans Rejoice As Jeremy Vuolo Shares First Photo Of Her Baby Bump, Takes Her Out To Eat

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Jinger Duggar is no longer keeping her baby bump covered up. Thanks to Jeremy Vuolo, Duggar fans finally got their first good look at the size of her growing belly. Jinger also dropped a hint about what kind of foods she’s been craving during her pregnancy.

Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo recently headed to Atlanta for the G3 Conference, a two-day gathering of Christian leaders. Jinger accompanied her pastor husband to various G3 events, and Jeremy shared a few photos of the business-like outfits that his wife put together for their appearances. The Counting On star obviously wanted to dress appropriately for the brisk winter weather, so she’s wearing thick coats and blazers in all of Jeremy’s snapshots.

Unfortunately for Duggar fans, Jinger’s efforts to look professional while staying warm initially prevented them from catching a glimpse of her baby bump. However, the Duggar daughter was able to abandon her outerwear once the G3 conference was over. She and Jeremy Vuolo remained in Atlanta after the event ended, and they spent Monday afternoon touring the studios of Wretched Radio and Television with radio host Todd Friel. Jeremy later shared an Instagram photo of the comfy and casual outfit his wife wore for the tour, a short jersey dress with a high neckline and short sleeves.

As you can see, the dark gray dress doesn’t cling to every curve of Jinger Duggar’s body, but it does showcase the size of her baby bump.

“Oh my, she is showing!! We need more pics of Jinger’s pregnancy!” wrote one fan in response to Jeremy’s post.

“I see a bump!! So happy for you both!” another remarked.

A few fans also observed that Jinger Duggar appears to be rocking an expensive accessory in the photo; they believe that there is an Apple Watch on her wrist.

While some Duggar admirers were thrilled to finally see Jinger’s bump, others expressed a desire for Jeremy Vuolo and his wife to lay low and stay off of social media until the baby arrives.

“Let the ‘baby bump’ comments go. Leave it alone. Hopefully she will keep her pregnancy private and just between them. Just because her sisters crave the attention doesn’t mean she does! All fans want is for these girls to stay pregnant so they can have their weekly entertainment!”

However, the likelihood of Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo keeping their pregnancy private is extremely low; after all, TLC has already used the couple’s baby news to promote the upcoming season of Counting On. Jinger and Jeremy’s preparations for parenthood are definitely the most camera-worthy moments going on in their lives right now, but the couple isn’t spending all of their free time shopping for baby clothes and decorating their nursery; they’re also making the most of being a twosome while they can.

On Monday, Jinger Duggar revealed that she took her husband out for his first dining experience at The Varsity fast food restaurant. The Duggar daughter didn’t reveal what she ordered, but her choice of eatery may hint that her current pregnancy cravings include a hankering for junk food like fries, onion rings, burgers, and chili dogs.


@jeremy_vuolo experiencing the Varsity for the first time! ???? ????

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“It’s an Atlanta native fact that babies crave FOs [Frosted Orange milkshakes] and their fries or onion rings!!!” wrote one fan in response to Jeremy’s post about the restaurant.

According to FOX6, the “MVP” of The Varsity menu is its hot dogs. The Atlanta restaurant is the world’s largest drive-in, but Jinger and Jeremy decided to eat their meals indoors. The couple also picked up two souvenir paper hats, which they can be seen rocking in one of Jinger Duggar’s recent Instagram photos.

“Varsity chili cheese slaw dogs were what I craved 24/7 when I was preggo,” a fan remarked in response to her snapshot.

“What’ll ya have?”

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According to In Touch Weekly, Jinger Duggar’s due date is sometime in July, so she still has a few more months to make baby-free memories with her husband (and to scarf down junk food) before she becomes a mom.