Videos: Bill Cosby Joked About His Wife, Blindness, And ‘Old Heads’ At Philly Jazz Club, Got Twitter Roasting

Michael R. SisakAP Images

Bill Cosby surprised many people on Monday, January 22. That’s the night that Cosby performed at the LaRose Jazz Club in Philadelphia and joked about everything from his blindness to the “old heads” surrounding him. According to the Urban Dictionary, an old head is a popular Philly term for a person who is older and usually male.

As reported by the Associated Press, it was the first time that Cosby had performed in public since 2015, when Cosby stopped his most recent tour during a flurry of accusations of sexual assault. Cosby claimed that the sexual misconduct and assault allegations from approximately 60 women were not true, although those accusations came from a variety of women who claimed Cosby was inappropriate with them over a span of 50 years. Cosby must once more go back to court in April to face criminal charges. Jurors will begin being selected for Cosby’s retrial on March 29, reports The Times Herald.

Whether or not the looming retrial was the reason the Facebook page of Bill Cosby posted a news release on January 22, which detailed Cosby returning to the comedy state, remains to be seen. Cosby did not speak about his upcoming trial at the event, which was to honor Jazz Great Tony Williams and his jazz quartet. The public was invited, with tickets available to buy at the door.

As seen in the above and below photos and videos, Cosby donned a hoodie with his traditional “Hello Friend” greeting in colorful letters on the front. At one point, Cosby made a scrunched-up face as he appeared with a drink in his hand.

Cosby joked about his alleged blindness and how that condition made the people around him turn into babbling idiots as they tried to warn him about impending dangers. Cosby quipped about his daughter and his wife, Camille Cosby, stuttering and babbling and saying things like “Watch it!” as Bill teetered close to falling instead of simply screaming, “Stop!”

Cosby also took time out from the comedy routine and storytelling to play the drums, as witnessed above.


As a result of the surprise performance, the name Bill Cosby is trending on Twitter, with nearly 5,000 tweets about the event thus far. However, plenty of the comments and tweets about Cosby’s impromptu performance are not positive. There are lots of jokes about women hiding their drinks from Cosby in such a setting, with some folks claiming that Cosby looked worse for the wear when he was making his way to and from his last trial, unlike the jovial fellow he appeared to be at the jazz club.