Is Nick Saban NFL Bound? Alabama Coach Says No, But Some Think Otherwise

Is Nick Saban NFL bound? The question is going around NFL circles, and though the Alabama coach says he plans to stay in college, others think he could find his way back to the professional ranks.

After his team won three BCS Championships in the past four years, creating a dynasty not seen for decades in college football, many believe that Nick Saban is NFL bound. But when asked about whether he may coach in the NFL again after leaving the Miami Dolphins, Saban was vehement in his intentions to stay in college.

Saban’s comments, via ESPN:

“How many times do you think I’ve been asked to put it to rest? And I’ve put it to rest, and you continue to ask it. So I’m going to say it today, that — you know, I think somewhere along the line you’ve got to choose. You learn a lot from the experiences of what you’ve done in the past.

“I came to the Miami Dolphins, what, eight years ago for the best owner, the best person that I’ve ever had the opportunity to work for? And in the two years that I was here, had a very, very difficult time thinking that I could impact the organization in the way that I wanted to or the way that I was able to in college, and it was very difficult for me.”

Yahoo! Sports’ Mike Florio thinks Saban will return to the NFL. Florio believes that after his failed two-year stint in Miami, Saban could be looking to re-write his NFL legacy. And as others have noted, denials aren’t worth much when the NFL comes calling.