Kailyn Lowry Slams Baby’s Father For Not Making An Effort: ‘Teen Mom’ Fans Have A Solution For Her

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Kailyn Lowry is currently in Miami after announcing that she would be traveling quite a bit this year. Lowry gave birth to her third son last summer and it sounds like she’s enjoying motherhood once again. It has been a few years since she got to care for a little baby, as her two other sons are growing up fast. However, the situation may not be as idyllic as she had hoped, as the fathers of her children have all moved on. Jo Rivera has moved on years ago, Kailyn divorced Javi Marroquin last year, and Chris Lopez appears to have no interest in his son’s life. When Lowry was filming Teen Mom 2, she revealed that they weren’t really dating when she got pregnant and she was ready to do this on her own.

But it sounds like Kailyn is hoping that Chris will step up and be a father to little Lux Russell. According to a new tweet, Kailyn Lowry is now calling out a father on social media and it sounds like it could be Lopez. Since she and Jo are co-parenting well, Javi just spent time with his son last week. There’s only one person missing and Lopez has always stayed away from the Teen Mom 2 spotlight. Plus, it’s ideally the first couple of months that are rough. Surely, she isn’t calling out Marroquin or Rivera on social media, as she’s currently on neutral terms with both.

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“One thing I can’t f**king stand is a man who tries to make it seem like he’s trying to be in his kids life when in fact he barely does the bare minimum,” Kailyn Lowry revealed on Twitter, writing that he was all talk and no action, and telling him directly that he wasn’t trying at all.

Lopez isn’t really known in the Teen Mom 2 world. He hasn’t been on camera, he hasn’t introduced himself, and he’s really just a name, a photo, and an Instagram profile. But fans don’t have much sympathy for her, as she knew what she was going into. Some of her followers had some stern advice for her. They simply advised her to stop having children. If she stopped having kids with random men, she wouldn’t be frustrated with their lack of efforts and possibly child support issues.


Kailyn Lowry could be bringing the film crew with her to Miami, where she could be filming with her friends. It’s possible that these tweets are the result of her frustrations in real life, where she could be venting to her friends about Chris’ lack of engagement and effort.