Melania Trump ‘Might Be More Quietly Dominant Than We Thought,’ Body Language Expert Reveals

Win McNameeGetty Images

Melania Trump “might be more quietly dominant than we thought,” a body language expert is revealing. The first lady and President Donald Trump have long been the subject of body language analysis since entering the realm of Washington, D.C. A year after the inauguration, their behavior toward one another is more clear after seeing how they’ve handled the presidential spotlight.

Typically body language experts say it’s Donald Trump who possesses all of the power in the marriage, but body language expert Judi James has noticed subtle signs that Melania might have more control than anyone realized. While she’s not the dominating figure her husband is, she’s used her position to her advantage in how she responds to him.

Many of the insights James gave to the Express were ones previously reported on at length about the president’s brash ways and how he dismisses his wife in public settings. The body language expert touches on how Melania Trump may exhibit signs of having a bit of control herself in the relationship.

A few times over the course of Trump’s first year in office, Melania hasn’t shied away from correcting or rejecting her husband’s gestures. One such example was the famous moment Melania swatted Donald’s hand away when he reached for it during one of their trips to the Middle East. James also noted the time Melania nudged Trump to put his hand over his chest during the national anthem at the White House during the Easter Egg Roll last April.

“She has been seen using quite dominant hand gestures as tie-signs with her husband over the past year (like the hand-swat rejection of his hand or a hefty nudge in the ribs when he forgot to place his hand on his chest) so this partial control gesture could suggest more dominance than we thought,” James told the Express.

The body language expert adds that although Melania Trump hasn’t “exactly made huge strides” in the way of appearing as Donald’s equal as a power couple, James explains that “there have been some intriguing hints from their body language since the inauguration that she might be more quietly dominant than we thought.”


“And she has even choreographed the odd public kiss from the President, meaning there could have been clues about their team dynamic that were hiding in plain sight back on the day,” James added.

The “odd public kiss” Judi James mentions isn’t specified, but the Trumps have had a series of odd kisses. One of the most recent incidents happened in Seoul, South Korea, which is seen in the YouTube video below, via News Today, in which a body language expert analyzes their halfhearted kiss.

Melania Trump doesn’t kiss her husband on the lips, but offers only her right cheek to him, a possible sign as James points out that the first lady isn’t afraid to exercise her own brand of dominance.