Toyota To Sell Electrified Version Of All Car Models By 2025

In accordance with the Toyota Environmental Challenge 2050's commitment to reducing carbon dioxide emissions, all Toyota and Lexus models will have an electrified version by 2025. With this plan, Toyota forecasts that total electric car sales will exceed 5.5 million units by 2030. These figures include 1 million fuel cell and battery electric vehicles.

In 2015, Toyota rolled out plans to reduce the emissions by its vehicles by 90 percent compared to the existing levels in 2010. One innovative way to meet the target is to start offering electric car models. Toyota will not just focus on electric-powered cars, they are also committed to the development of hydrogen-fueled vehicles and traditional hybrid cars.

As reported by Motor Trend, Toyota will begin offering 10 battery electric car models in all parts of the world. Purely electric cars will be sold in China first since there is a growing demand for electric cars in the country. After infiltrating the Chinese market, Toyota might expand the sales of their electric vehicles to the United States, Japan, and Europe.

Toyota is also planning an expansion of their plug-in range by 2020, possibly during the first half of the year. Toyota car models will see more improvements, as the automaker is currently tweaking the Hybrid System II drivetrain.

The growing concern over climate change and global warming led to the popularity of electric cars. As one of the leaders in the automotive industry, Toyota has been left behind by competition in the electric car market. While it may be a late entrant, it seems like Toyota has been looking into perfecting the technology first.

There were reports revealing the possible partnership between Panasonic and Toyota. The carmaker is looking for a supplier of solid-state batteries and prismatic cell batteries. Toyota President Akio Toyoda revealed that the company wants to collaborate with a manufacturer for specialized batteries to make better cars. Toyota has an existing partnership with Panasonic since the latter provides lithium-ion batteries for two plug-in hybrid vehicles.

With their current timeline for releasing more electric cars in the years to come, Toyota needs a reliable partner to provide solid-state batteries and give it an edge over competitors when it is ready to roll out its complete set of electric cars.