Kristen Bell's SAG Awards Speech Shades Melania Trump About Cyber-Bullying, Bell Bullied By Trump Fans

Kristen Bell's SAG awards speech in her role as the first-ever host of the prestigious awards included jokes about her own narcissism and kept the Screen Actors Guild Awards audience laughing, but it infuriated Trump supporters. Kristen made a sly remark that appeared to target First Lady Melania Trump, and Twitter is not happy.

According to CNN, Bell was quick to take a jab at Trump and "did not hold back" in her comments. Bell pointed out that as a woman and the first host for the SAG awards, she could take the title of "First Lady" of the event.

The Good Place actress went on to speculate about her first initiative as First Lady. She suggested that she could take on the problem of cyber-bullying since Melania Trump hasn't made "any progress" on the issue despite her promises to make the fight against cyber-bullying her key focus during her time in the White House.

"My first initiative as first lady will be cyberbullying, because I have yet to see any progress made on that problem quite yet," Kristen told the appreciative SAG awards audience.

Almost immediately, Twitter heated up with angry responses from Trump supporters and Melania Trump's loyal fans.

Twitter user Jim Del Rey slammed Bell, saying that Melania Trump speaks six languages while Bell sounds like a Valley Girl. "Advantage Trump," wrote Del Rey.

Another Trump supporter wrote that "Melania Trump will be remembered as an elegant and erudite First Lady long after Kristen Bell is dead and buried."

Kristen Bell disappointed many people when she used her SAG awards speech to poke fun at Melania Trump.
Kristen Bell disappointed many people when she used her SAG awards speech to poke fun at Melania Trump.

Twitter user TGO78 said she was disappointed that Kristen misused her platform to knock another woman down.

Christina Henderson was incensed that amid a government shutdown and ongoing public concern over President Trump's presidency, Kristen Bell thought it was a good idea to attack Melania Trump.
Refinery 29 reports that Trump's anti-bullying crusade has met with scorching criticism from many fed-up Americans, including stars like Lady Gaga. Not only has there been little change, but Donald Trump is infamous for his own use of Twitter "as a tool for harassing journalists, and people who oppose him," according to the outlet.