Plastic Spoons For $125 Mar-A-Lago Caviar! Angry Woman’s $1,200 Meal, Instagram Photos Go Viral, Get Backlash

One Instagram user is going viral for complaining about the plastic spoons that were served for scooping up caviar at Mar-a-Lago. As seen in the below photos, Maria Rogers posted a couple of photos from the Mar-a-Lago Club restaurant, with complaints that the presentation of some portions of the meal left a lot to be desired.

As reported by the Daily Mail, the photos were taken on Saturday, January 20, the same evening as President Donald Trump’s one-year pricey party, but the photos were not from the Trump Ballroom that sold tickets anywhere from $100,000 to $250,000. Instead, the photos were from the relatively cheaper side, the Mar-a-Lago club’s restaurant, even though the caviar cost $125 and the meal for four rang up at around $1,200.

The publication notes that one of the unnamed diners at the table (who was afraid to go public so as not to get anyone kicked out of the Mar-a-Lago Club) called the presentation of the caviar lacking, “with the tiny plastic spoons and the sad looking crackers.”

“‘We asked, ‘Where’s the rest of it?'”

That’s when the dinner companions were told that the Ossetra caviar alone cost $125. However, in the comments section of the below photos, the bulk of the Instagram replies to “VacayInBae” are not offering sympathy, but a sort of let-them-eat-cake type of backlash.

Some of the responses are asking the photo’s owner if she knows that caviar is usually served with not-metallic utensils like plastic or mother of pearl. The description indeed requested mother of pearl spoons and plates.

#maralagopalmbeach #lowbudget #disgraceful #caviaraccompaniments ????

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Plenty of the comments are joking and asking how the diner could survive such a horrible nightmare.

“Thank you. It was horrific, I am still traumatized.”

The photographer quipped back that the traumatizing meal was horrific. However, as some joked along with her about speaking to President Trump about the caviar and spoon situation, claiming that Mar-a-Lago will next serve tacky “Taco Bell with sporks,” others left angry comments. Some are commenting that it is a Louise Linton type of tone-deaf moment, the controversial wife of Steve Mnuchin, who gained backlash for her own Instagram photos, as reported by Newsweek.

A sampling of the types of comments flowing beneath the Mar-a-Lago photos can be read below.

“This is why the country hates the wealthy. You are worried about a spoon while 16 million children don’t have anything to eat each day.”

“Shame on you for supporting Donald Trump & Mar-a-Lago.”

“Those plastic spoons are made in USA have some respect.”

“But what could one possibly expect from a tacky, tin-plated family of shameless grifters? Even I use mother-of-pearl, and I’m a true-blue VA Dem.”

“Yes. Only mother of pearl for the snootiest of idiots willing to pay money to hang out with a sexual predator. You’d think THAT would make you sad and depressed, not the plastic spoon situation.”

“A great metaphor for 45: caviar served up on plastic spoons.”

“Thanks Obama.”



“Must be nice to be so well off and entitled that plastic spoons and caviar are the worst of your problems and cause you horror. Meanwhile, Puerto Rico is still in disarray and people are contracting diseases from their sewage systems being decimated, California has been having raging wild fires that leave hundred and hundreds homeless and with no possessions, military families are not getting paid, there are thousands of homeless vets on the streets, people are dying from starvation. Not to mention there are people dying because they cannot even afford insurance to care for themselves. Must suck to not have to worry about any of that, huh?”

“Let them eat caviar with plastic spoons! Holy tone deaf?”

I’ll bet this horror has something to do with Hillary’s emails.”

“Sloppy Donnie.”

“It probably wasn’t even Russian caviar.”

“So, to be clear: it’s not his racism, or his affairs, or his destruction of the environment, or the multiple allegations of sexual assault, or his repeated violations of the Constitution that are disgraceful…it’s the tacky plastic spoons and crackers?”

“Please make sure to add in your Yelp Elite review that when it comes to gourmet sides, Mar-a-Lago is seriously ‘crack-a-lackin.'”

“This is what you get when you buy caviar from a man who eats Big Macs.”

“Good for you for posting and letting us see how cheap Trump is!”