Angelina Jolie Weight: Despite Thin Appearance, Reports, Star Is Not Living On Cigarettes, Coffee [Debunked]

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Angelina Jolie has experienced a trying time over the past many months since the star announced publicly that she was filing for divorce from Brad Pitt and seeking full physical custody of their six children.

Although things were much more rocky and calmed down once the estranged A-list couple chose to seal court documents and began working more amicably towards a settlement, it’s clear that the drama has taken its toll on the beauty. Jolie has given a number of interviews within which she has noted how challenging the journey has been, fighting back tears on numerous occasions while discussing her family, including that which she gave during a television appearance for BBC last year.

Angelina has also appeared to be much thinner over recent months that has now got rumors swirling that the UN special envoy is not eating, and instead substituting food with cigarettes and coffee.

OK! Australia has gone so far to claim that Jolie is not much thicker than a 7-year-old and that the mother-of-six weighs only 77 lbs. Gossip Cop relays the details of this story that has been debunked as total “nonsense.”

The tabloid goes on to insist that Jolie’s friends“worry” for her as her “weight plummets to a new low.” The article then comments on how Angelina’s “gaunt appearance” was a shock to fans when the actress appeared at the Critics’ Choice Awards on Thursday.

The unreliable publication adds that, based on insiders’ reports, Angelina is living on a diet of “cigarettes and coffee.”

“She starts smoking and drinking coffee before the kids are awake, and that suppresses her appetite.” The supposed source goes on to state that “She tries to smoke only in the morning and late at night so the kids don’t see her, but she still has a pack-a-day habit.”


An additional source claims that Angelina’s life has been “filled with so much chaos” that her eating habits have not been a main priority, noting that often Jolie “forgets to eat” and when she does, it only adds up to a few hundred calories per day.

“Angie will drink hot water and lemon all day, and only eats grapefruit and strawberries. Everyone who’s close to Angie is concerned,” the insider purports.

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As noted, GC has debunked this story, noting that it seems that OK! has simply derived details from a number of older fabricated stories published about the star. In addition, a reliable source spoke to GC and indicated that despite Jolie having a thin frame, she has been photographed on a number of occasions recently indulging with her kids and that Angelina is no thinner now than she has been over the past two years.