Scarlett Johansson Demands #TimesUp Pin Back From James Franco In Powerful Women’s March Speech

Presley AnnGetty Images

Scarlett Johansson threw some serious shade at James Franco one week after he was formally accused of sexual misconduct by multiple women. In her speech in front of a more than a half million Women’s March attendees in Los Angeles, Johansson, who was one of the first 300 women to join the Time’s Up movement which calls for an end to abuse and harassment of women, called out James Franco for supporting the Time’s Up movement by wearing the organization’s pin at the Golden Globe Awards. Franco was accused of sexual misconduct days after he was seen wearing the Time’s Up pin.

“How could a person publicly stand by an organization that helps to provide support for victims of sexual assault while privately preying on people who have no power?” Scarlett Johansson said, before pointedly adding: “I want my pin back, by the way.”

According to the Los Angeles Times, Scarlett Johansson’s rep confirmed that the comments in her speech were meant for James Franco.

Actress Ally Sheedy, who spent part of Golden Globes night tweeting and deleting angry comments about James Franco, “liked” the Los Angeles Times’ tweet about Scarlett Johansson’s speech. Vanity Fair posted Sheedy’s now-deleted tweets on Golden Globes night in which she hinted that she quit the entertainment business over men like James Franco. Ally also questioned why The Disaster Artist star was even allowed into the Golden Globes ceremony, let alone given an award.

“Why is James Franco allowed in?” Sheedy tweeted, before later reacting to his Golden Globe win with: “James Franco just won. Please never ever ask me why I left the film/tv business.”


It is unclear what happened between Ally Sheedy and James Franco, or if Scarlett Johansson had her own personal experience with the actor. What is clear is that at least five women have alleged that they had experiences with Franco that included harassment and inappropriate sexual behavior.

While she did not name James Franco directly in her Women’s March speech, Scarlett Johansson admitted that in the past she had professional relationships in which the power dynamic was so off that she “had to create a narrative that I was the cool girl who could hang in and hang out, and that sometimes meant compromising what felt right for me.”

James Franco has not commented on Scarlett Johansson’s Women’s March speech. But Franco was grilled about Ally Sheedy’s tweets shortly after his Golden Globes win, telling late-night host Stephen Colbert he had no idea what Sheedy’s problem with him was. Days later, five women accused James Franco of sexual misconduct. The actor has denied all allegations.