Ivanka Trump’s $196 High-Waist Butt-Lifting Leggings Nearly Sold Out – But They Aren’t From Her Collection

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Ivanka Trump donned a pair of $196 leggings on Thursday, January 18, that are still getting attention on Sunday, January 21. As seen in the below photos, the “Rosette Print Ultra High Waist Leggings” aren’t from Ivanka’s own clothing line. Instead, the pink leggings are from Ultracor, a sportswear line that calls itself revolutionary by combining fashion with body-sculpting shapewear and performance. The Ultracor website has plenty of leggings for sale, but not the specific ones Ivanka wore a few days ago that has set shoppers’ desires on fire.

The “SILK ROSETTE PRINT LEGGINGS” for $185 are similar to Ivanka’s pink leggings, but the only colors listed as of this writing are Nero and Navy. On Nordstrom’s website, the ULTRACOR leggings that Ivanka wore can be found for $196, although the leggings with the “shining rosettes” are only available in the smallest size right now. Called “romantic” high-waist leggings made of super-soft compression fabric, the leggings promise to lift butts and flatten tummies.

On the Saks Fifth Avenue website, the “ULTRACOR Ultra-High Silk Rosette Leggings” are also listed for $196 and are also only available in the small size as of this writing. The leggings are pitched as ones that can make a statement with their metallic floral print atop Italian fabric, with the 5’10” model on the site wearing a small size.

According to AOL, certain fashion websites like Carbon 38 had a few sizes left, but a visit to that site on Sunday proved they were all sold out. Whether or not Ivanka has contributed to the run on the leggings isn’t clear, but social media fashion accounts like the one below that track her fashions feature women raving about the leggings and asking for information about where to buy a pair for their own closets.

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As seen below, the leggings are at times paired with the “Altitude Silk Rosette Print Crop Top” by Ultracor, which is not readily available on the retailer’s website among other tops that range from more than $100 to $276.

Keep calm and let the Rosette handle it #Sunday

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As reported by the Daily Mail, Ivanka was photographed wearing the leggings in the wake of an early-morning workout on Thursday, prior to Ivanka changing into a more professional camel-colored coat that had the publication waxing hopeful about Ivanka potentially becoming Madam President Ivanka Trump one day. It was a controversial notion that received plenty of backlash on Twitter.