Jill Duggar Dillard’s Son’s Health Is Questioned Even Further With New Photos

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The Duggar family uses their social media to keep fans updated on their lives and the lives of their 19 children. The family frequently shares photos of their children and grandchildren, and a photo of their grandson, Samuel, has created another stir on social media.

Fans of the Duggar family were convinced that something was wrong with Samuel’s birth when the newborn was barely seen on social media following his debut. Jill Duggar Dillard only shared a couple of photos of him, and then inundated her social media with quotes about relying on God during tough times.

Further speculation about the state of Samuel’s health were bandied about when Derick Dillard, Jill’s husband, posted a picture of him in what looked to be a NICU crib with a feeding tube and oxygen. A photo of Jana Duggar was later posted holding her nephew, with a cord to a feeding tube and oxygen tape.

Yesterday, the family shared photos of Samuel on his stomach from their daughter Jill’s collection.

Although many fans of the family believe Sam is healthy and stating anything to the contrary is “hating” on the famous clan, a few people spoke up about their concerns for Samuel on the photo, one stating that the young boy seems to be missing the bridge of his nose. This can be indicative of a variety of genetic disorders.

That face tho! We love our little #SamSam

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According to Healthline, having a low nasal bridge, or the absence of one, can be indicative of a variety of genetic disorders and infectious diseases. A low nasal bridge can also be cause by Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS), which is not very likely in Jill’s case.

Genetic disorders that cause a low nasal bridge include William’s Syndrome, Down Syndrome and Cleidocranial dysostosis. It may also be caused by several infectious diseases.

Jill Duggar Dillard was criticized during her pregnancy for continuing to live in Central America until she was almost full-term because the Zika virus was heavily present in the area and pregnant women were warned that contracting the virus could cause serious birth defects in their children.

No member of the Duggar family has spoken out about any health issues related to Samuel. In fact, his birth was skipped in the last season of Counting On.