Photos Capture Malia Obama And Rumored Boyfriend Enjoying Time In New York City

Chip SomodevillaGetty Images

Malia Obama and her rumored boyfriend, Rory Farquharson, were spotted on a date in New York City on Saturday. The pair were first spotted at a Harvard-Yale football game in Connecticut last November in which they were unabashedly packing on PDA for cameras. When the photos first came out, Malia’s boyfriend was a mystery guy until he was identified as a British student with an impressive background.

TMZ reported that Malia Obama and her boyfriend were visiting Soho, New York over the weekend. Tweeted photos posted on this page show the couple wearing heavy winter coats as they strolled around town. Rory looked stylish in a puffy blue jacket a pair of round-rimmed sunglasses. Malia had on a mid-length black coat, a short floral dress, and fashionably laced boots. According to the site, the freshman Harvard students were on a field trip in New York, taking a break from their studies at Cambridge.

Photos published by several news outlets show the former first daughter and her British beau getting cozy. At one point they were sitting on a bench talking while Rory was smoking a cigarette. A video released in November by TMZ showed Malia smoking when she was at the tailgate party.

Daily Mail had a series of images snapped of the two 19-year-olds from their New York City date. One of the photos taken has Malia and Rory flashing big smiles at the cameras, something Malia typically doesn’t do for invasive photographers. Apparently, she’s happy to let the world know she’s happy and possibly in love with the former head boy at England’s prestigious Rugby School. Additional photographs show the young couple giggling, snuggling, and checking their cell phones.


More about Malia’s boyfriend can be read in this article on The Inquisitr.

Very little has been reported on Malia Obama’s relationship with Rory Farquharson, but they’ve evidently kept things going strong since they were spotted at the football game in November. They appear to have eyes only for each other in the recent photos of their date in New York City. W Magazine reports that Rory has deleted all of his social media accounts since being linked with Barack and Michelle Obama’s eldest daughter.