Tori Spelling Faces Backlash For ‘Sleep Training’ Her Youngest Son Beau, ‘Train Your Pets, Not Your Kids’

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Tori Spelling shared a photo of her husband Dean McDermott fast asleep in the couple’s bed while snuggling with their 10-month-old son Beau Dean. Spelling said she was proud of her son for doing a fantastic job with his “sleep training.” However, some of Tori’s follower’s were confused and said that sleep training doesn’t involve sleeping with the parent. One of Tori’s followers said it would be confusing for the child to go back and forth between their own bed and the parent’s bed. One user said that babies should be in bed with their parents all the time.

“Baby Beau has done amazing with his sleep training. He has been in his own room, own crib, and only waking up one time a night for a little bottle for the past 4 nights… We are so proud of him.”

Others didn’t agree with Spelling “training” her son, according to The Stir. One Twitter user wrote, “Train your pets, not your kids.”

Tori continued to discuss her youngest son’s sleep schedule. Spelling said that her son has been sleeping on his own, in his own bedroom, and in his own crib and noted that he currently wakes up only once a night.

“This morning he woke up at [7 a.m.] He ate and played and by 10am was ready to go back down for his morning nap… Just captured this picture of my hubby and babe snuggled on this lazy Sunday morning. So beautiful to see them together. A picture like this makes a wife and moms ❤️swoon! What are you guys doing on this lazy Sunday morning?”

Tori previously revealed to People magazine that Beau has had some trouble sleeping in the past. Tori said that her son regresses with his sleeping patterns and revealed that he would sometimes wake up three times a night. Tori also said that she and husband Dean were very sleep deprived and said she did not think she and Dean would have had so many kids if they all slept in the bed like Beau.

Tori said that her husband Dean had never been a fan of co-sleeping with the kids and said that husbands and wives should always have some personal time together. However, Tori said Beau is getting spoiled just a little bit because he’s the last baby the couple will ever have.

“He was always adamant so with this last one I was like, ‘He’s coming in bed!'”

Beau, who arrived in March of 2017 via a scheduled c-section, is the youngest son of the Spelling-McDermott family. US Magazine reports Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott share five children together: Liam, 9, Stella, 8, Hattie, 5, Finn, 4, and Beau, 10 months.


The 44-year-old actress has said that Beau has become a symbol for a new phase in the couple’s marriage, according to People magazine.

“I feel like Beau is really the pillar of the rebirth of our relationship because our relationship had to crumble for it to be rebuilt and it was really important that we just start it over.”

Tori spoke with E! News and talked about life as a family of seven.

“It’s been a blessing having baby Beau… I think not just for our family but for us. Our love has grown stronger.”

When asked if they would consider expanding their family, Dean said, “Never say never.”