‘Little People, Big World’: Amy Roloff Shares Date Night Selfie, Boyfriend Bombarded With Hate

Amy Roloff/Instagram

It’s been almost two years since Amy and Matt Roloff finalized their divorce, yet some fans still can’t seem to accept that their favorite reality TV couple has parted ways and moved on to other relationships. In Amy’s case, some Little People, Big World fans are not too keen on her new beau, Chris Marek.

Amy Roloff recently revealed that she and Chris went on a date night. The couple apparently partook of some Thai food before heading out to watch a local play. Amy posted a photo of the two, which she said was a selfie taken by Chris to remember their eventful night. Amy hinted that taking selfies isn’t something Marek does often.

“Changing it up,” Amy said. “Chris took the selfie. Date night. Thai food and seeing a local play in downtown Hillsboro. Love it!”

A number of fans expressed their delight for Amy, who they say looked and deserved to be happy. Many of them also mentioned that the couple looked great together while others cheered Amy and Chris on.

“You both look happy,” 1lynnrose said. “Great looking couple.”

“You guys look so wonderful together,” added day4273. “I hope you and Chris had a great date night.”

“Keep up those ‘date nights’ even in the years to come,” aprilmcs commented. “Cheers Amy & Chris.”

“Amy, I always wanted you to get back together with Matt,” sandrakountz4671 admitted. “But now that I see you with Chris, you look incredibly HAPPY. That is what is important!!!”

Amy and Chris have been rumored to be engaged after the former was seen wearing a mysterious ring, as In Touch Weekly reported. While no announcement has been made yet by Amy or Chris, a few of their fans want them to end up getting married. In fact, some of them kidded the two to take their relationship to the next level.

“Put a ring on it,” said nkschiarizzi.

“Engagement coming,” asked baglemom33.

“When’s the wedding,” joked encisogayle.

However, not everyone was pleased with the two. A few followers made their feelings about Marek known, saying they didn’t trust him for Amy. Many of these Chris haters believe he is only in the relationship “for her money and fame,” as Beverly Van Atta put it.

“Goodness, I was really praying God would restore your marriage,” said virginasee. “I hate this!”

“Wrong guy get your life back,” said Connie Furia.

“He looks creepy,” said ethomas__


A follower named Beth Hoskins said in a since-deleted comment that she also found Chris creepy. She also sort of questioned Chris’ sexual preference before insinuating that Marek is simply part of the show’s script.

“Gold digger nah just he has never been married has no children, claims he’s not gay,” said the critical follower. “So what’s the deal. I read he was a plant by network to raise rating… that might be it.”

A few followers also thought it was okay to comment rudely about Amy’s features.

“Your gum to teeth ratio is way off,” said pochoface.

“Look into botox, it will make u look refresh. U look tired, old,” yusimi36 said.

“You look so old and wrinkly,” said funnfarm39.

A certain Rodney Herndon went as far as accuse Amy for leaving Matt because he was handicapped. The follower insinuated that he doesn’t believe that a “handicapped dwarf” such as Matt could be abusive. He also indicated that Amy let fame get into her head and that the Little People, Big World star didn’t want to take care of the disabled Matt, which apparently are the main reasons why Amy left Matt for her “second act.”

Amy and Chris have been criticized ever since they made their relationship public. Most of the negative comments are about Marek supposedly only using Amy for his own gains. Roloff has already defended Chris on at least one occasion, according to The Hollywood Gossip.