Woman Shocked When Dog Finds Sex Toy In Bushes, Endures Heckling When Pooch Won’t Stop Chewing On It

While out on a walk with her dog just days ago, a young Scottish woman was horrified to find her beloved pooch had retrieved a pink sex toy from nearby bushes and refused to stop chewing on it. As the incident unfolded she was taunted by construction workers, and when she tried to get the toy out of the dog’s mouth, one older passerby mistakenly thought she was abusing her dog.

Flight attendant Sophie McGrattan, 21, tweeted about the incident, writing that Bella, her 9-month-old Cocker Spaniel, was fascinated with the sex toy. She posted a message that said she “honestly” could not make up such a story and noted that Bella had found the sexual device while they were out on a walk in Paisley, Scotland, according to the Daily Mail. She emphasized the dog would not “leave it alone” and that she was going to “be sick,” adding vomiting emojis to her tweet.

Sophie also snapped some images of the dog with the sex toy in its mouth to commemorate the event.

Embarrassingly, Sophie did not initially realize Bella had the item in her mouth, as at the time, she was on a phone call with a friend, reports the Daily Mail. She only realized what was happening when some nearby construction workers began shouting at her saying that the dog had “something in its mouth that it shouldn’t have.”

Once she realized what was happening, Sophie frantically tried to remove the sex toy from Bella’s mouth but was sickened at the thought of touching it. Thus, she tried kicking the sex gadget out of the dog’s mouth, which was observed by an elderly woman who thought she was abusing Bella, the Daily Mail reports.


Following the harrowing incident, Sophie said she will not take Bella for a walk on that particular route again because she’s concerned about what goes on in the area. She admitted she was “pure raging at Bella” for a short time because she was “absolutely mortified” about the entire ordeal, but realized the dog didn’t know any better, according to the Daily Mail.

Sophie also noted that when she was driving to work the next day she noticed that the pink sex toy was still lying on the sidewalk where she and Bella left it.