Brooke Hundley on GMA: “I just wanted someone to get upset enough”

The crazy intern that stalked Steve Phillips, Brooke Hundley, tearfully defended her actions and showed an alarming level of denial in a Good Morning America interview.

Hundley denied stalking Phillips, a claim easily refuted by reading her scary letter to Marni Phillips or listening to the 911 call reporting her erratic visit wherein she crashed into a pole at the Phillips’ home. Saying she hoped Phillips would “grow up,” Hundley defends her actions, describing the relationship as abusive and her motives in terrorizing the Phillips family as rooted in a desire to save other women from similar upset and distress.

Despite being the driving force behind this story’s prominence in the media, Hundley feels she bears little responsibility in the drama that eventually cost herself and Phillips their jobs and provided endless gossip fodder for the media:

“I didn’t in any time working at ESPN follow anybody around, wanting any sort of relationship with anybody. I didn’t harass anyone. I didn’t want anything from anyone.”