North Carolina Is The Favorite Travel Destination Of Canadians: The Outer Banks To Smoky Mountains

Kim McLendon

North Carolina has been named one of the top 10 travel destinations by Flight Centre Canada. According to their spokeswoman and contributor, Allison Wallace, the mid-Atlantic state is the top travel destination on their list. The News & Observer quotes Allison, who explained that North Carolina had topped previous favorites like Oregon and Utah for Canadian tourism.

"For people looking for something in the North American area, a little closer to home, North Carolina is suddenly jumping on the radar – kind of where Oregon and Utah were the last couple of years."

Asheville, North Carolina, was also recognized as a leading travel destination by Forbes, making their "top 15 coolest places" list. Forbes called Asheville at once "hipster," and "classic Americana." Forbes voiced appreciation for the diversity of restaurant cuisine in Asheville, as well as the classic southern cooking the North Carolina mountains is known for.

Being a top international travel destination is new for North Carolina, but Allison Wallace says the state has a real future in world-class tourism.

"I think you're going to start hearing a lot about North Carolina. It's really interesting."

Nature in North Carolina is spectacular, with many national forests, scenic drives, local parks, and botanical gardens throughout the state. There is also the Carowinds theme park near Charlotte. Carowinds is on the North Carolina-South Carolina border. The tourist destinations in the videos below are just a few of the tourist attractions and venues in North Carolina.

Even North Carolinians may be surprised to learn their home is becoming a haven for people who could go anywhere else in the world and prefer there state. Closer observation reveals an amazing diversity of attractions in North Carolina.

Nestled between Charlotte, North Carolina, and the Triad or Greensboro, Winston Salem, and High Point, in the center of the state, is Rowan County, rich in history and natural beauty. There is an impressive drive-through animal park, called Lazy 5 Ranch, as well as Salisbury's nationally acclaimed historic homes tour in October.

North Carolina has a lot to offer, and in most areas, prices for food and lodging are affordable. As Forbes mentioned, the quality of food is exceptional. There are a wide variety of tourist attractions, as well as hundreds of seasonal events, like festivals, historical reenactments, sporting events, and car shows.

North Carolina is famous for NASCAR, as well as Panthers football, but has a lot more to offer international tourists.