Amber Portwood Announces New YouTube Channel, ‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Wants To Raise Awareness About Mental Illness

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Amber Portwood is fresh off of a Twitter meltdown. The Teen Mom OG star went after her ex-boyfriend and the father of her oldest child, Gary Shirley, earlier this week. Portwood was upset because she had previewed the new episode ahead of its airing. Her tweets were about Shirley’s comments regarding her lack of parenting their child, and his wife, Kristina, sounded off as well. There is a lot happening in Portwood’s life, and now, she is having to face it all head on.

After being incredibly open about her struggle with depression and other mental illness, Amber Portwood is working to fight against the stigma it carries. She has talked about her medications and suicidal feelings on Teen Mom OG several times. According to In Touch Weekly, Amber Portwood is going to use her celebrity status to bring awareness to the mental illness battle. There is a lot of shame surrounding mental health issues, and the reality star is going to work hard to change that. Portwood feels like she can make an impact, even if it is only a small one.

Right now, Amber Portwood is working on setting up a YouTube channel. It is going to focus on telling the stories of people who suffer from mental illness. Portwood has been open about her struggles with the ups and downs, even facing a lot of judgment regarding how it affects her. Being filmed throughout a battle like this isn’t easy for her, especially when Teen Mom OG fans are judging her on social media. Portwood has defended herself several times against criticism and judgments, often going back to the explanation that she battles mental illness.

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There will be a lot happening for the Teen Mom OG star in the upcoming months. Aside from Amber Portwood’s new project, she is also expecting her second child. She will be welcoming a baby boy in a couple of months, which has also dumped some heavy criticism in her lap. Portwood has learned to fight back against the viewers who are commenting about her life, but nothing gets under her skin more than the comments about her parenting. Leah is off limits for everyone, including her ex-boyfriend, Gary Shirley. Amber isn’t going to entertain the critics, but she will educate them.