Latest Tattoo Novelty Boldly Goes Where No Tattoo Has Gone Before

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Hey baby, what’s your sign? Are you a powerful Leo, a peace-loving Pisces, a sensitive Cancer, or perhaps a sociable Virgo? Now you can proudly display your zodiac sign as a freckle tattoo.

Astrology aficionados will be delighted with this latest fad in tattoo art, called “AstroFrecks,” and no doubt astronomy buffs will also love to get a tattoo of their favorite constellation.

AstroFrecks is the creation of cosmetic tattoo artist Jessica Knapik, of Depot Town Tattoo in Ypsilanti, Michigan. Knapik specializes in eyebrow tattoos, and as reported by Bustle, she is a big believer of crystals and sending your intentions out into the universe. That interest is what gave her the idea for AstroFrecks. She also loves things with hidden meanings, telling Bustle, “This way you could get your Mom’s astrological sign, your Dad’s, your Grandma’s, and kind of pay tribute without getting a giant heart that says ‘Mom.'”

In order to create the astro sign, Knapik first marks the constellation on the client’s face (or body), then the design is set by applying semi-permanent ink to look like natural freckles. Each freckle represents a star in the constellation.

Cosmetic tattoo artists are different from the more familiar average tattoo artists in that they specialize in beauty and aesthetics. Cosmetic tattoos use a milder ink, which isn’t permanent. The tattoos last about two years.

For anyone interested in having this procedure done, it is very important that they look for a cosmetic tattoo artist. They use different inks, different machines, and different needles than those who work with standard tattoo machines. “Please don’t let someone put giant doll freckles on you with a standard tattoo machine,” Knapik warns.

AstroFrecks is the latest trend in the new freckle craze. It used to be that women tried to get rid of their freckles, or covered them with makeup, but not anymore. Now freckles are considered youthful, cute, fresh, and sexy. Celebrities such as Emma Watson and Kylie Jenner have been seen flaunting their freckles.

Adding freckles naturally to your face requires sun exposure, which brings skin damage and a risk for cancer. Fake freckles provide a solution. There are several ways to achieve the freckled look. The most common and longer-lasting method is called “freckling.”

According to Marie Claire, freckling is a tattoo procedure that is typically completed in an hour-long session, and results can last up to three years. The average cost is $250.

But those who want to rock the freckle look without making such a long commitment — not to mention spending hundreds of dollars to achieve it — can still get fake freckles by using temporary tattoos.

According to NewBeauty, a company called Faux Freckles is making adhesive stickers that will add freckles to your nose and cheeks. The stickers come in three different-colored palettes: two natural-looking shades of light and dark brown, as well as a 24K palette that delivers gold specks for a more avant-garde look. Each kit costs $25, and can be used twice. The resulting freckles will last for up to 48 hours.

The best part of this freckle craze is that what once was considered a flaw to be hidden has become something to be embraced — even admired. This proves that sometimes a fad can have a positive effect.