Olivia Lua Pictures: Adult Film Star Posted Cryptic Messages On Social Media Just Before Her Sudden Death

Olivia LuaInstagram

Olivia Lua posted a picture with a cryptic caption just days before her death, one that the adult film star’s followers now believe may have foretold her sudden passing.

The 23-year-old adult film star died this week, the fifth female adult actress to die within the past three months. The New York Post reported that she died of a mixture of prescription drugs, recreational drugs, and alcohol, though it is not clear if there is an official cause of death.

Friends noted that Olivia Lua appeared to foreshadow her own death on social media, posting a picture of herself on Twitter with the caption, “I feel it everywhere, nothing scares me anymore.” In the wake of her death, many people have posted messages of condolence on the picture and regret that the film star could not turn her life around.

The New York Post report noted that there were signs of personal difficulties for the adult film star. She signed on to work for LA Direct Models in April of last year but was forced to take a leave in October due to personal difficulties.

As the Sun reported, Olivia Lua had suffered a “catastrophic relapse” in her drug abuse before heading off to rehab. It is not clear if her cryptic social media picture may have been in reference to this relapse.

There has been increased attention on the health and safety of adult film actresses amid the spate of deaths in the past three months. Other deaths have included August Ames, who took her life amid a struggle with depression, and Olivia Nova, who died after a urinary tract infection turned into sepsis, leaving her to die in her apartment.


There were other troubling signs on social media. Just days before her death, she posted a message on Twitter that read simply, “unlovable.”

Many people expressed concern at the time, sending reassuring messages and asking the adult film star if she was doing all right. But Lua did not respond, leaving many to express increasing concerns.

It is not clear when there would be an official cause of death for Olivia Lua, and there is no word from family members on exactly how or when she died.