January 20, 2018
Katy Perry Causing 'American Idol' Havoc, Lateness Causing Feud With Production Team [Rumor]

Katy Perry has allegedly been showing up late to work on American Idol and producers are starting to feel bothered by it, according to a new report.

The singer has notably been said to be showing up 10-20 minutes after the other judges, Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan, with one insider adding that it's beginning to become a problem since everyone else happens to be on time for the taping.

Katy, who is alleged to be earning $25 million to appear on the forthcoming series, hasn't excused her lateness, especially since this is an ongoing thing, which has caused taping for the show to be delayed on multiple occasions.

Of course, since the majority of the auditions have already been taped, it's not as if producers can change their minds and hire another judge, but they are said to be planning on taking action because it's costing the production team a fortune.

Though it may only be 20 minutes, with it being an ongoing thing, it's beginning to become a problem for the crew.

The ones who haven't taken it to the heart is Richie and Ryan, who are said to be totally cool with Katy Perry's lateness — they haven't shown any signs that it bothers them in any way, which is probably why it has never been mentioned by them, a source adds.

What's even more worrying for producers, aside from Katy's late arrival, is that the forthcoming series doesn't have any tension between judges or funny humor that fans have commonly seen from the likes of Simon Cowell, Jennifer Lopez, and Steven Tyler.

It's unclear in which direction producers are planning to go from here, but according to what Hollywood Life has mentioned, nobody fully understands how the viewership is going to translate once the show premieres on ABC later this year.

It's a completely different dynamic and all that producers can do at this given point is hope that fans can warm up to the three new judges and the talent that's bound to walk through the doors of the audition room.

Katy Perry has not addressed claims of her apparent lateness to set.