Caitlyn Jenner Desperate For Delivery Room Invite As Kylie Jenner Prepares Birth [Rumor]

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Caitlyn Jenner is begging Kylie Jenner to welcome her into the delivery room as the 20-year-old gives birth, it has been alleged.

According to Hollywood Life, the Olympic champion has feared the possible chance that she’ll be snubbed from even being allowed to see Kylie Jenner due to the ongoing feud the 62-year-old has found herself in with the Kardashians.

As previously reported, Caitlyn’s controversial book, The Secrets of My Life, tarnished her relationship with the likes of Kris Jenner and Kim Kardashian, with the former athlete now admitting that she hasn’t spoken to some of them in well over a year.

Now that Kylie is gearing up to give birth, the last thing that Caitlyn Jenner wants is to bring drama to the hospital, but given the fact that it’s her first daughter who is gearing up to give birth, she wouldn’t want to miss it for the world.

Hollywood Life alleges that Caitlyn is doing her best to convince Kylie that having her there in the delivery room is a good idea.

It should be noted that the 20-year-old has already asked her mother, Kris, to be by her side as she births her first child, so it’s arguably going to be difficult to get the momager to accept the idea of having Caitlyn in the same room with her.

Though they’ve crossed paths in recent months, Kris has made it perfectly clear that she wants nothing to do with Caitlyn, who she thinks has totally gone behind the family’s back and talked down on them.

The first day skiing for the season with my son. Great day

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There’s no doubt that the entire Kardashian family will be at the hospital to support Kylie, but it’s unclear at this point whether or not Caitlyn will have an invitation for herself.

Reports claim that Kylie is expected to give birth in the next couple of weeks — one source says she could give birth as early as by the end of January.

Should it be the case that the baby comes earlier than expected, Caitlyn Jenner will have to do some more convincing if she wants to be in the delivery room when Kylie is giving birth.