Donald Trump's Alleged Suggestion To End Marla Maples' Pregnancy With Tiffany Trump Resurfaces

Tiffany Trump would not be here had it not been for Donald Trump walking back his suggestion to Marla Maples to have an abortion, based on his alleged statements to Howard Stern in a past interview. Now, according to a new report, Trump's hints at terminating Maples' pregnancy with Tiffany are "coming back to haunt him."

Days before the 45th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, a day that garners attention for widespread demonstrations both in protest and support of the landmark abortion legislation, President Donald Trump took center stage. The former reality TV star addressed a crowd in the Rose Garden on a day that marked two opposing celebrations.

On the one hand, the day commemorated a decades-old Supreme Court ruling that gave women the right to have an abortion (pro-choice). According to ThoughtCo, the decree on Jan. 22, 1973, gave women the right -- in partnership with a medical doctor -- to abort a fetus during an early period of the pregnancy without fear of sanctions or criminal charges. Moreover, it bestowed a privacy right.

Conversely, Friday marked another day where counter-protesters gathered for The 45th March For Life. Donald Trump's speech paid homage to this group of demonstrators. During his campaign for the presidency, Trump advocated anti-choice efforts and continues to push for a repeal of a woman's right to have an abortion.

During Trump's "historic speech," he admonished the culture of abortion in the United States, saying America leads all nations in legal abortions due to its "permissive" laws that run counter to the conservative ideology of family. During the March For Life speech, Trump reassured supporters that he would continue to push for "right to life" legislation.

Critics and pro-choice supporters accused Donald Trump of hypocrisy, sighting a chat he had with Howard Stern some 13 years ago. Then, Trump -- based on "leaked" recordings given to Newsweek Magazine (via Daily Mail) -- recalled how he "asked" Marla Maples, his second spouse, to undergo an abortion of Tiffany.

The radio host inquired about the state of Trump's relationship with Melania -- the couple wed in 2005 -- and quipped about pushing her "down the stairs" if she had an unplanned pregnancy like Marla did with Tiffany. Trump responded that he wanted Tiffany to be "taken care of," according to the report.
"But, you know at the time it was like, 'Excuse me, what happened?' And then I said, 'Well what are we going to do about this?'"
Apparently, Trump does not specifically mention the word abortion, but sources say "it's clear" that he was mulling several options in "dealing with" Marla's pregnancy with Tiffany. Supposedly, Trump's "preferred option" was abortion. Later, Trump appeared to pivot and said he was happy "it happened," apparently feeling relieved that Marla did not have an abortion after all.

Since 1995, the Pew Research Center has tracked Americans' sentiments on abortion. The rates of those in favor of terminating a pregnancy have remained steady, outpacing those against abortion. The latest poll in 2017 showed that 57 percent of people support abortions in all states for "all or most" cases, compared to 40 percent who are opposed.

Social media chimed in and criticized Trump for his past comments while aligning them with his support of anti-choice legislation today. Some chide Trump for flip-flopping as a matter of convenience or political gain.