Kylie Jenner Stays Silent On Social Media Despite Launching New Cosmetics Products

Despite adding several new lip shades to her growing cosmetics line, Kylie Jenner is noticeably absent when it comes to promoting the products.

Jenner, who launched Kylie Cosmetics in November 2015, is known for advertising her new products on her personal social media accounts.

However, with the upcoming release of four new velvet lip shades, Kylie has been silent when it comes to generating hype for the January 23 release.

It was reported earlier this week that Jenner took to her Instagram stories to promote some of her products, but the 20-year-old has yet to post any photos to Instagram or Twitter of the latest release.

Entertainment Tonight reported Kylie wishes to now keep her personal life and brand separate as she has seemingly stopped promoting her cosmetics line on her social media accounts recently.

The last time Jenner advertised her line of beauty products on her Instagram account was in mid-December when she announced the launch of bullet lipsticks and skin concealers.

However, she does not seem to be as excited about the upcoming velvet shades as she has not taken to sharing any photos this time around.

Despite Kylie's obvious lack of endorsement on the newest lip colors, fans are still expressing their excitement on the products.

Commenters called the new shades "flawless" as they also stated which new velvet is their favorite.
"These are so pretty."
Jenner is also releasing a new eyeshadow palette, which she typically generates a lot of excitement over.

But this time, Kylie has been silent when it comes to sharing swatches from her upcoming Blue Honey palette.

Teen Vogue also reported on Jenner releasing a new eyeshadow palette without taking to Snapchat to show swatches.

The site stated fans left comments such as "kinda lost without Kylie showing us swatches on Snapchat."

Others questioned where the cosmetics mogul is as her company announces new products without her.

"OK but where's Kylie?"
Hollywood Life reported in October that Jenner is enjoying taking a break from the spotlight as she stays away from social media.

It appears the youngest Kardashian-Jenner sibling is striving for a bit more privacy when it comes to deciding what she shares with fans.

However, fans do seem to be a bit surprised Kylie is also choosing to not share photos and swatches of her new cosmetics products as this may end up hurting profits in the long run.

It may be hard for some Kylie Cosmetics fans to be as excited about buying her products when it appears Jenner is losing interest in her own brand.