January 20, 2018
Drake Drops New Music, Surprises Fans With 'Diplomatic Immunity' And ' God's Plan'

Last year when Drake dropped More Life in March, he promised fans that he'd return in 2018 with even more new music. January isn't even over yet and Drake has already made good on that promise. On Saturday morning, the "No Feuds" rapper/singer announced that he was releasing new music, then within the hour, both "Diplomatic Immunity" and "God's Plan" as the Scary Hours EP were released on all streaming services.

Late Friday night, Drake posted a teaser for the upcoming Scary Hours album on Instagram. In the caption, he wrote, "GODS PLAN AND DIPLOMATIC IMMUNITY LIVE ON ALL PLATFORMS WORLDWIDE MIDNIGHT."

Soon after, Drake did just as he promised and dropped both tracks. So far, the response to Drake's new songs has been overwhelmingly positive as fans listen and try to determine the meaning behind them. Refinery 29 reported that "Diplomatic Immunity" and "God's Plan" contain two major themes. One being the arc of Drake's career, while the other is the luxurious lifestyle that he has been afforded as a result of his success.

In "Diplomatic Immunity," Drake takes aim at rappers who might think he's starting to slow down in his career. He even addressed the J. Lo dating rumors from last year, saying, "2017 I lost my J.Lo."

Drake went into a lot of detail about the realities of living a high profile life. He lamented that many women were quick to try and latch on to him just so they can "air his dirty laundry." He rapped about women tagging him on Instagram and claiming to be pregnant with his baby. This is real life drama that Drake dealt with in 2017 when adult film star Sophie Brussaux claimed she was pregnant with his child.

In his other new release, "God's Plan," Drake talks about his road to success and the growing list of people who want to see him fail. The sound of this song has been described as "infectious" and the sound is similar to a lot of Drake's other work. It may even be familiar to some people, it was "God's Work" that had a small snippet leaked earlier this month.

Both of Drake's new songs are available for download and on all streaming services. Fans looking to listen to "God's Plan" and "Diplomatic Immunity" can check out them out on YouTube below.