January 20, 2018
Neighbors Of The Duggar Family Speak Out About Living Near The Mega-Clan

The Duggar family lives in a huge house they built and designed themselves, which some call "The Compound." Some have wondered what it would be like to live near the mega-clan, and their neighbors have recently spoken up about what it is like to live around them. With 19 kids, they are already enough of an attraction, but the family has also been on television for more than a decade, which also makes them not only local celebrities in their Arkansas town, but nationally known celebrities.

An anonymous Reddit user took to the AMA format of the site (Ask Me Anything) to discuss what it is like to live next to the famous family.

According to them, the family is well-known in the area and everyone likes them for the most part. The user did state that the family's house isn't aesthetically pleasing, though, and that the neighbors think it looks like a small office building. But seeing as they keep their yard tidy, people haven't had much of an opinion on them.

The user also stated that the family was known before they appeared on their television show, but they were just local celebrities at the time. Those who follow the Duggar family will be aware that before their fame, they lived in much more modest quarters making a much more modest living.

The user also stated that only a handful of people in the community know them personally, but are mostly from their church, where they are very active. The family also is said not to flaunt their success, and goes grocery shopping and to the store like anyone else. Because they live in a relatively small town where everyone is aware they live there, the user said that most people simply leave them alone because they already know who they are.

Another user chimed in, saying that Michelle Duggar was giving birth when his mother was on duty in the NICU. According to him, Michelle Duggar's uterus is paper thin from giving birth to so many children, and some nurses have opted out of working with her due to that. However, it appears Michelle has stopped giving birth, as they have not had any more children since their youngest, Josie, was born eight years ago.