Tesla Model S Chosen As Dream Car Among Millennials, Men In General

Tesla's Model S is the "dream" car among millennials. At least that's according to a survey conducted by Gold Eagle, an auto parts company that does consumer surveys to determine where the market is trending. The survey asked 2,000 American car owners to choose their ideal vehicle. The Model S wasn't just popular among millennials. It scored high marks among men in general, The Detroit Free Press reports.

In fact, Elon Musk's electric sedan placed second on the list of top 10 dream cars behind Mustang, which placed first. Tesla's high score wasn't a surprise to experts in the auto market.

"Elon Musk has cultivated a devout following over the years that transcends beyond the typical car enthusiast audience," said Jessica Caldwell, senior analyst at Edmunds, a company that provides consumer and auto industry research.

She added that an example of Tesla's almost cult following was the fact that so many people were willing to make down payments for the Tesla Model 3. It's a testament that the Musk "gospel" runs deep among his followers, she said.

According to The Detroit Free Press, most of the people who want to drive Teslas live in the Pacific region, the Northwest, and the Southwest. Most of the car owners who want a Mustang live in the Midwest and Southeast. Drivers in mountain states chose the Range Rover as their dream car which isn't surprising.

According to the infographic put out by Gold Eagle, drivers in the Pacific region defined their dream car as "efficient" while folks in the Northwest and Southwest described them as "sporty" and "luxurious." Car owners in the Midwest also used the word "efficient" to describe their dream car while drivers in the Southeast described their ideal rides as "luxurious."

In terms of the other generational group's dream cars, the Camaro was at the top of the list for Gen Xers while Baby Boomers said they most wanted to drive a Corvette.

As Car and Driver reports, the Tesla Model S has undergone several updates since it was first introduced in 2012.

In 2017, the exterior was updated. The front grill was swapped out for a new front fascia or front bumper. The headlights also have a new shape. The changes add a little bit more of a polished look to the vehicle overall, Car and Driver notes.

As for the performance, the 90D and P90D versions of the Tesla Model S now boast improved ranges. The 90D model now travels 270 to 294 miles on a single charge while the P90D version has a 250 to 273 driving range.