January 20, 2018
Missouri Governor Eric Greitens Involved In More Scandals Than Just Cheating And Blackmail

Missouri Governor Eric Greitens is off to a difficult start in 2018. Not only is Greitens accused of blackmailing his mistress by tying her up in his basement, but he's also been plagued by several different scandals since taking office. Will Greitens last another year in Missouri's capital?

Greitens Faces Dozens Of Scandals

According to Vice News, many people in Missouri have opposed Greitens on just about every issue he's tackled in the past year. During his first year as governor, Greitens has proposed more restrictions on abortion, doubled down on harsh discrimination lawsuits and reduced the minimum wage in St. Louis to a lowly $7.70. The city's minimum wage was $10.00 before Greitens took office.

Things have gotten so bad that even his own party wants him to resign, including Republican Senator Rob Schaaf. Shortly after the affair news broke, Schaaf spoke in front of the Missouri Senate and kindly asked Governor Greitens to step down and resign from his duties.

Greitens has admitted to the affair — which his wife knew about years ago — but denies ever blackmailing his mistress. He has not expressed any desire to resign as governor.

Will Greitens Face Criminal Charges?

As if making enemies in his party isn't bad enough, Greiten's actions might even land him in the courtroom. Greitens allegedly blackmailed his mistress by tying her up and photographing her in his house, and tapes have surfaced of her confessing the whole ordeal in front of her husband. Greitens' mistress has asked the media to drop the entire issue, but there is a chance that St. Louis circuit court lawyer Kim Gardner will pursue legal action against the governor.No official charges have been filed, but it's safe to say that Greiten's ordeal is far from over.

Apart from Gardner, there is a good chance attorney general Josh Hawley will also look into Greitens case to determine if any further action is required.

Inside Greitens Campaign Of Alienation

To make everything worse, Greitens pretty much alienated every politician during his campaign in 2016. In speaking to his financial backers two years ago, Greitens slammed the state of Missouri for having a corrupt political system and called his future colleagues a bunch of cowards and sociopaths. Greitens could really use a friend in the capital right about now, but even the members of his own party don't like him.

"I've never been in politics before, but even in the brief time that I've been running for Governor, I've been exposed to some of the worst people I've ever known," Greitens shared in 2016. "Liars, cowards, sociopaths. They are often deeply broken and disturbed people, who — like criminals who prey on the innocent — take their pleasure and make their living by victimizing honest people. They are drawn to politics as vultures flock to rotting meat — and they feed off the carcasses of vice."

Based on Eric Greiten's behavior over the past year, he can probably lump himself into that same group of disturbed individuals.