Beth Chapman Looks Stunning In New Photos From Colorado Vacation

Earlier in the week, Beth Chapman hinted on her Instagram page that she would be leaving Hawaii for an adventure. Fans questioned if she was leaving her new home for good, or just for a family vacation. She later posted on her personal Facebook page that she was traveling to Colorado, and now photos of the reality star have surfaced out of Colorado Springs.

Longtime family friend Bobby Brown shared three photos with Beth on his Twitter page this morning, which Beth subsequently re-tweeted. Each of the three photos are at a local Italian restaurant where Bobby met up with his old friends.

Bobby knows how loyal Dog the Bounty Hunter fans are and shared the photos for their enjoyment.

“I know the #MILLIONSof @MrsdogC [fans] wonder how she is? She looks Beautiful & is doing GREAT,” he let her fans know.

Beth looked stunning in each of the three photos dressed in a long black coat with fur trim. Her blonde hair was perfectly done, and she sported a wide smile in each photo.

Bobby shared a sentiment that most Chapman family fans have been expressing over the last several months. There have been outcries to A&E to bring back Beth and her family for a revival of Dog the Bounty Hunter from thousands of fans. Bobby hashtagged “#BringThemBack,” and tagged A&E directly in one of the posts.

Fans began commenting on the tweets, repeating his hashtag and wishing for a new show. Television series are currently in an era of revival, and Dog the Bounty Hunter has a strong chance of being one of the successful comeback stories.

What appeared to be a vacation to Colorado, might also have been a work trip for the family. Beth and Dog have been very vocal about the issues surrounding bail reform and new laws being passed which they are adamantly against. Some of these laws will allow dangerous criminals to go free before they stand trial.

Bobby admitted in one of his tweets that he and the Chapmans discussed these issues heavily during their trip, regarding the pretrial release laws. The family has become advocates to fight these laws, which is something fans would like to see portrayed in a future reality show.

As The Inquisitr reported earlier this month, Beth engaged in a long twitter battle with a California politician over the pretrial release laws. The feud has not yet been resolved, as Beth sticks to her guns over the dangerous new laws.