January 20, 2018
Trump Imitates Hugh Hefner In Garb 'Sprawled Out' On Couch In Allegations About Affair

Donald Trump's rumored past is being rebooted in a published transcript this week and while the romance aspect is what many folks are focused on, it is some of the little things thrown in that are missing in the headlines. This interview with this porn star dates back to 2011 and although considered a hot-button issue today, some of the allegations that Stormy Daniels makes about Trump are not scandalous.

In Touch published the transcript of this interview on Friday, which is the interview from 2011 making headlines today. Stormy Daniels alleges she had an affair with Donald Trump. In Touch also reports she took a polygraph test regarding this affair and passed it.

The claims she made about having an affair were supported by her close friend and ex-husband, both who also took this polygraph test and passed at the time the interview first came out in 2011. According to NPR News, this alleged affair reportedly took place in 2006.

Stormy alleged that during their first meeting in his hotel room, they talked a lot and Trump "kept showing her" a magazine cover that he appeared on. She said her impression was that he was trying to sell himself, but she said she already knew who he was. Stormy alleges he said a few times, "look at this magazine, don't I look great on the cover?"

She also alleges that for the first few hours she spent with him in that hotel room that he was "very full of himself." She had arrived believing they were going out to dinner, but she alleges that Trump's plans were for dinner in the room.

She painted a picture of Trump when she reportedly first arrived, which was her alleged impression of the man who would be president one day. She claims Trump was lounging on the couch in a sprawled out position and he was donning pajama pants. She claims she said to Trump at that time "Ha, does Mr. Hefner know you stole his outfit?"

Stormy said that she was actually a bit mean to him, as she alleges that he did get "huffy" after she compared him to Hefner. She said he "tried to play it off" as if he was just relaxing.

She also told the interviewer that Trump was very interested in the business aspect of her work, which had to do with the porn industry. But she alleges that it wasn't the sexual part of her work that interested him, but more of the inner workings of the porn business.

Melania Trump was allegedly brought up in the conversation the first time she claims she met Trump in this hotel room, not by name, but as his "wife." When she was asked by the interviewer if Trump mentioned his wife at all, Stormy said, "I mentioned her. I was like, 'Yeah, what about your wife?' He goes, 'Oh, don't worry about her.' Quickly, quickly changed the subject."

The story first came to light this month when the Wall Street Journal reported Trump had allegedly arranged hush money to the tune of $130,000 to be paid to Daniels in return for keeping quiet. When that story made headlines, both Trump and Daniels denied the alleged affair and the alleged payment.

NPR News reports, "President Trump once again vehemently denies any such occurrence as has Ms. Daniels," which is what Trump lawyer Michael Cohen said in an interview. Cohen also said in a statement "Daniels denied both the affair and receiving any payment."

Then an interview with Stormy Daniels from back in 2011 with In Touch Magazine surfaced and it is the details emerging from that interview about the alleged affair that threw Trump and Daniels' denials into question.