‘Little People, Big World’: Audrey Roloff Shares Baby Ember’s Biggest Milestone To Date

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Ember Jean Roloff is growing up so fast! The Little People, Big World baby, who turned four months old this month, has now transitioned to sleeping in her own room. Proud mommy Audrey Roloff documented this major milestone with an emotional post on her Instagram account on Friday.

The 26-year-old first-time mom posted a photo of Ember sleeping in her nursery on her IG stories and called this a “bittersweet mama moment.” The photo, which seems to have been taken from a baby monitor, shows the infant sleeping soundly while bundled up in a pink blanket.

“I feel so blessed to have such a smiley, squishy, talkative, and healthy baby girl. I love you little one,” Audrey wrote.

“P.S. she slept her first night in the crib last night–bittersweet mama moment.”

Audrey Roloff’s fans who are also new moms could definitely relate to the reality star’s sentiments. Many commented on Audrey’s post and shared their own mommy stories. Audrey even replied to a fan’s comment and admitted that she missed her baby through the night.

“It is bittersweet. Mine’s been crib-trained for a week and [has] slept five nights in her crib. I miss her like crazy every night,” one fan replied.

“My little boy is about 10 days older than Ember…he’s been sleeping in his crib for a few weeks now but man! That first night was so sad,” wrote another.

Interestingly, there is a lot of argument regarding co-sleeping versus cot sleeping among parenting experts. According to Parent24, co-sleeping helps babies and mothers develop a stronger bond. It is also practical for breastfeeding moms.

On the other hand, babies who sleep on their own are said to develop a more independent sleep cycle. This is advisable for infants who can already self-soothe, normally between four to six months. Baby Ember is right around that mark. Despite the debate, Audrey’s decision to let her daughter sleep on her own is definitely a huge milestone!


Audrey Roloff recently gave a tour of baby Ember’s adorable nursery through her blog. The new mom proudly showed off how she and husband Jeremy decorated the room with cute, meaningful details–including a DIY shelf made by LPBW matriarch Amy Roloff!

“This is by far my favorite room in our house. It’s still not quite finished in these photos (and even still), but it feels organized, clean, pretty, and cozy. I love how it’s coming together.”

l always thought breastfeeding was a choice. People would often ask me if l was going to breastfeed when I was pregnant and l always answered with a determined yes. But after Ember was born, l realized that for some people, it’s not a choice. My breastfeeding journey has not been easy. After sharing with you all a little bit about the struggles l have had feeding Ember, l realized that so many of you have gone through, or are currently going through, similar pains, heart aches, and challenges. About 24 hours after Ember was born, l became severely engorged. The nurses at the hospital admitted to it being the worse case they’d ever seen. l couldn’t put my arms at my sides or hold Ember - except to feed, and feeding was so painful because l was also badly blistered/bruised (we later found out Ember had a significant lip and tounge tie). Not to mention, what they had to do to “get me flowing” was excruciating. l thought the pain was supposed to be over once they laid her on my chest? But people just don’t talk enough about the after labor pains... ???? • Three days after coming home from the hospital, l came down with mastitis. The antibiotics for my infection, stress, Ember’s lip and tounge tie, sleep deprivation, and some misguided medical advice caused my milk supply to completely tank. l was devastated and even told by a pediatrician and lactation consultant that l would probably not ever be able to exclusively breastfeed Ember. She was having trouble gaining weight and they were concerned. They also thought l had insiffienct granular tissue.. ???? • Here we are two months later and Ember has been exclusively breastfeed for the past 5 weeks!!! So much hard work and prayers have come to fruition???????? • Two days ago l came down with mastitis again... but l was reminded that even though this journey still poses its challenges, being able to feed my daughter from my own body brings me incomparable joy. l will defintely be sharing more about this journey on my blog eventually, but l just wanted to share this here and now in case there are other new mamas out there that could be encouraged and filled with hope by my testimony. #alwaysmore #emberjean

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Ember Jean Roloff was born on Sept. 10, 2017. Audrey’s pregnancy was featured in the last season of Little People, Big World. According to Audrey, baby Ember has had a rough time during her first few weeks. The reality star revealed that she suffered from postpartum struggles including mastitis, which limited her milk supply. Because of this, she feared that Ember wasn’t gaining enough weight. But now at four months, her precious daughter is outgrowing most of her clothes!

“With the rough beginning we had, I never thought I’d have a chunky baby…but look at those high-percentile rolls!” Audrey shared in a previous IG post.