Tom Cruise Injures Himself Again On ‘MI6’ Set, Just Returned After Ankle Injury, Pressure On To Finish Film

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Tom Cruise is known for his action-packed films and for the risky stunts the star performs within those films. A movie franchise that has spanned the decades and keeps fans coming back for more intense and daring scenes is the Mission Impossible franchise. Now in the midst of filming the sixth installment, Cruise has endured a bit of a rocky go after breaking his ankle a few months back, which had the notable actor out of commission for some time.

Recently, Cruise was finally able to get back to filming more action sequences for the highly anticipated film. Yet once more, Tom’s daring efforts may have resulted in an injury.

As AV relays, it seems that the seemingly impossible mission is finishing the latest installment on time for its set release date.

“Tom Cruise may have once again dinged himself up on the set of Mission Impossible 6. The film just recently started back up production this week, after Cruise—who’s notorious for doing as many of his own stunts as possible.”

The stunt that was being filmed when Cruise may have re-injured himself involved the star falling when climbing out of a window. Tom seemed unharmed at the end of the scene, yet was spotted on crutches moments later. This led onlookers to conclude that the actor may have re-injured his ankle, which had been broken in August when Cruise jumped between two buildings.


However, there has been some speculation that the crutches are simply a precaution to give the formerly-injured ankle relief when Cruise is not filming. The August incident has certainly put pressure on the film’s producers and director to meet the July 2018 release date that has been set, so it’s likely in the best interest of all that the latter scenario is the accurate one.

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The producers of MI6 are certainly going above and beyond to make sure that the deadline is met. Earlier this week, a portion of the Thames was inaccessible to boats and Blackfriars Bridge in London was completely shut down so that Tom Cruise could be filmed in a scene that saw the star racing across the Thames River, while helicopters filmed the scene.

CBC notes details of the sighting that stopped traffic, stating “Tom Cruise has brought part of central London to a standstill as he sprinted across the roof of a rail bridge for the latest Mission: Impossible movie.”