‘Fifty Shades Freed’: Jamie Dornan Still Struggles To Look Sexy Despite Christian Grey’s Reputation

Richard HeathcoteGetty Images

Jamie Dornan became an instant sex symbol after portraying the successful, handsome businessman, Christian Grey, in the Fifty Shades franchise. However, despite his iconic character’s reputation, the actor confessed that he still struggles to look sexy just like the rest of us.

The 35-year-old actor was a guest star on The Graham Norton Show, and he shared something that made him very relatable. He revealed that watching the Fifty Shades films is definitely different from filming it.

Jamie Dornan opened up about one of the Fifty Shades Freed scenes where he had a “James Bond” moment, walking out of the water, topless, looking like every woman’s dream. However, the Irish hunk said that it wasn’t as amazing to film as it is to watch, even calling it “horrendous.”

“They want me to be sexy coming out of the water. But it’s not a sand beach! It’s one of those pebble beaches,” Jamie Dornan revealed on the show that made everyone burst into laughter. “Literally, you cannot look cool running out of the water.” The actor then demonstrated his initial effort to walk on the pebbled beach floor.

Obviously, they can’t use the shot of the famous Christian Grey struggling to walk out of the water, so the crew had to do something about it to make it easier for Jamie Dornan. After a few attempts, like putting down a carpet, and leveling it with more rocks, the actor revealed that he “ended up wearing those little guppie shoes, those little gel shoes. No one in the world has looked sexy in those.”

Although Jamie Dornan appears to be not so confident with his “James Bond” scene, he is definitely not one to shy away from teasing the fans about seeing more of him in Fifty Shades Freed. Rumor has it that Jamie Dornan will finally show off his manhood in the upcoming installment. As a matter of fact, the actor himself hinted that there is a possibility for him to showcase his private part in the next film.

However, despite Jamie Dornan’s hint, producers of the trilogy have previously shared that they will not be heading in that direction.

Fifty Shades Freed is set to be released on February 9, 2018.