January 19, 2018
More 'Humiliations' For Melania Trump Emerge Going Back To The Timeline Of Trump's Alleged Affair

It seems that the floodgates have opened and Trump's words from the past have come back to bite him. The humiliation doesn't just encompass Trump; many of the things being said today are seen as quite humiliating for Melania as well. The latest round of Trump's archived words come from back in the days when Melania was pregnant.

According to Mercury News, Melania Trump has suffered humiliation since being thrust into the spotlight of politics. The allegations of Trump having an affair with an adult film star have saturated the headlines for about a week. Then not being shown some common courtesy when there was only one umbrella between the first couple played out in pictures this week.

Today Trump's words from over a decade ago have come back like a haunting, but it doesn't just include him, whether allegations are true or not. Melania having to hear them has to "sting," suggests a Raw Story reader.

Trump was a guest on the Howard Stern show and he told the shock jock that he would give Melania, his pregnant wife at the time, "a couple of days -- or maybe a week, to regain her model figure after giving birth," writes the Washington Post. The timeline for this interview is just months before his alleged affair with the adult film star started.

According to the Raw Story, "Trump bragged that he'd give Melania a week to regain her model figure after giving birth." During the interview, Trump said his pregnant wife would bounce back with the same model figure she had before. He said,

"You know, Howard, she's got the kind of a body and makeup where, about one day after the baby, it's going to be the same as it was before."
Stern then asked Trump if he'd really only give Melania a day to get back in shape, to which he replied, "one or two." After a few thoughtful seconds he corrected himself with a final offer of "no, I'll give her a week." This part of the conversation is what is making headlines today. What he said after has not been reported.

Trump did say that he would love Melania despite any cellulite she might develop, which was part of the joking banter between Stern and Trump. The future president of the nation ended the conversation about Melania by saying, "I will love her so much. You have no idea. I'm a very loyal person. I will love her so much." This took on a different tone from some folks online. No one wanted to hear that even with cellulite, Trump said he'd feel the same way about his wife.

Melania Trump in sunglasses

According to Raw Story, it was seven months after that interview that the alleged affair with adult film star Stormy Daniels supposedly started. Many of the folks commenting on this article from Raw Story didn't find any redeeming sentiments from what Trump said during that interview.

A few comments were somewhat positive, as one person saw this as "Makes sense. She can't be walking around all un-modelly-looking with him, making him look bad."

Another person threw Trump's words right back at him, saying the headline about Trump bragging how he will give Melania only a week to regain her model figure back was not the most humorous part of the interview. It is when Trump said he was a "very loyal person" that got this commenter laughing. "The guy has had three wives and cheated endlessly," he writes.

Others were concerned about this public shaming Melania has had to endure no matter if rumors are true or not. She's been able to hold her own against all these rumors, however.