February 8, 2018
'Vanderpump Rules' Star Katie Maloney Goes Off At The Airport After A Passenger Does What?

Katie Maloney recently endured a frustrating moment at an airport.

As she prepared to do some traveling, the Vanderpump Rules star encountered a woman in the security check line that amazed and horrified her with her behavior.

"This chic had with her a BODY PILLOW!!! She was shoving and pushing that [sh*t] through the X-ray thing," Katie Maloney tweeted on January 17.

Katie Maloney told fans that she had a couple of questions about what the woman was doing and proceeded to ask her fans and followers why she would potentially be bringing a three-foot-long pillow from her bedroom into a "flying germ bus." She then asked where the women would be putting the pillow during her flight. As she pointed out, she hardly has enough room to fit herself on an airplane seat.

Katie Maloney also noted that the woman's body pillow was much larger than the size allowed for a carry-on bag.

"I hope to God she tosses that thing out and doesn't drag it around the country... spreading the nasty to everyone," she added.

Following her security line incident, Katie Maloney faced yet another strange moment while enjoying a Bloody Mary cocktail in the food court. As she explained, she was sitting at the bar when someone came up and asked the bartender if there were any other food places they could go to. Right away, the bartender told the person to simply turn around.

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In other Katie Maloney news, she and Tom Schwartz are currently being seen on Vanderpump Rules going through their first year of marriage. As fans well know, the couple tied the knot in August 2016 for a moment that aired during the season finale of Season 5.

While Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz appeared to be doing well during the first few episodes of Vanderpump Rules Season 6, they have since been hit with a cheating scandal claiming Schwartz made out with one of Lala Kent's friends, which he denied.

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