Sam Smith Has Already Planned His Funeral

Talented singer Sam Smith, who has won over fans with his incredible voice and meaningful tunes, at the young age of 25 admits that he has already planned his own funeral.

As Cover Media noted, Smith’s music is usually the type of music that is played at individual’s funerals, yet, this “Not The Only One” hitmaker is all about keeping his own funeral peppy.

“My funeral is going to be disco music, I’ve already planned my funeral; it’s going to be fabulous,” Sam divulged while he visited The Project, an Australia TV program. When Tommy Little, the show’s host, asked Smith to elaborate, the singer happily did so,

Sam made it clear that he has put a whole lot of thought into his plans for his funeral, but also indicated that, due to the early time-slot of the program, he would not give full details of the occasion. The British star did, however, emphasize that “It’s actually quite explicit, but there’s going to be a lot of drag queens, a lot of drag queens.”

Clearly not your typical funeral and the vibe, with quite different energy than Smith’s moving music results in, but one that would demonstrate that Smith is nothing like his own music. During his television appearance down under, Little also asked Sam whether he has been surprised by any celebrities who have turned up in his audience, now that he, himself, is a massive star.

“Have you ever looked out and seen people and just gone, ‘I can’t believe this person is in my audience?’” Little inquired.

The talent did admit that he had once spotted Kim Kardashian West in his audience. The star simply described this instance as being “quite weird.”

However, Sam spotted Chaka Khan at one of his performances as well and seemed much more enthused about this sighting. The disco sensation attended Smith’s show in Los Angeles, and his reaction indicated his enthusiasm for the style of music and as to why his funeral will be all disco and drag queens.

“Chaka Khan, oh my God I freaked out,” Sam stated emphatically. “I was in LA and she gave me this fan that had ‘Chaka’ and diamonds on it. It was incredible.”

While Smith has been in Australia promoting The Thrill of It All, his latest album, he admitted that he has been finding time to enjoy the nightlife and hit some of the clubs, as the Daily Mail shares. In the same interview, Smith acknowledged that his music is not happy and that he will always make sad music, despite being at a happy point of his life.