Registered Nurse First-Aid Centers Being Tested At Walt Disney World Resort Hotels

Danny Cox

Even though it is a huge vacation destination and one where many people go to forget the outside world, real things still do happen and problems arise in Walt Disney World. At each of the four theme parks, there are first-aid stations which have registered nurses helping guests with some medication and minor medical issues. Now, a new test will be taking place where registered nurses are running first-aid locations at the resort hotels as well.

While Orlando is a bustling city with plenty of hospitals, pharmacies, and urgent treatment centers, guests don’t always have ways of getting to them. When at Walt Disney World, many guests don’t bring their own vehicle and may find it difficult to get a cab and head somewhere if they need some medical attention.

If not in the Magic Kingdom or Epcot or one of the other parks, guests had no on-property location to receive some help if needed. Now, Disney is going to be changing that and they are doing it with a test that will place these first-aid stations in their resorts.

WDW Magic is reporting that a new pilot test is set to begin for a few resorts that will allow for guests to visit a registered nurse on the property, but out of the parks.

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Featured image credit: Danny Cox

Beginning sometime next week, Disney’s All-Star Music Resort will have a first-aid station run by a registered nurse daily from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. The station is going to be located in the lobby of the hotel and will allow guests to visit for basic services and medical assistance.

Most first-aid stations do not perform any kind of services for major medical problems, but they will be able to administer over-the-counter medicine, bandages, and offer simple help. The registered nurse will also be able to assist in finding further medical attention in more serious situations.

This new test will run for three months and it isn’t just for guests at All-Star Music. Those staying at All-Star Movies and Sports can easily get to the location, but guests from any resort would have the ability to use the services if needed. Walt Disney World is always looking at ways of making things a bit more helpful and convenient for guests, and having a first-aid station in a resort hotel and run by a registered nurse will surely do that.