Hoda Kotb Throws Shade At Kathie Lee Gifford, Who Reacts To Feud Rumors About Their Wine-Sipping Hour

When Hoda Kotb was promoted, replacing Matt Lauer after a sex scandal resulted in his exit from the coveted co-anchor position at the Today show, speculation about her wine-sipping hour with Kathie Lee Gifford soared. It didn't help when Hoda threw shade at Kathie Lee during her first day as the permanent co-anchor, praising Savannah Guthrie as the one person with whom she'd want to co-host in 2018.

Since that first day, rumors have swirled that Kotb feels she is "too big" for her time slot with Gifford, who reportedly is jealous and angry about Hoda's promotion, as the Inquisitr reported. This week, Hoda sparked those rumors again by throwing shade once more at Kathie Lee.

Hoda Kotb Hints Kathie Lee Gifford Gig Is Over

The occasion for the shady moment took place when Savannah and Hoda took time off from the Today show to visit The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. During their appearance, Guthrie and Kotb talked about their success as the Today show's first female co-anchors, reported the Daily Mail.

Savannah and Hoda described the challenges of their position after Matt Lauer's exit as "hard." But as a result of those difficult times, Guthrie and Kotb experienced "something really lovely and positive," said Savannah. In turn, Hoda reflected on how she had worked her way up, but her statement hinted that her years with Kathie Lee were behind her.

"I was doing Dateline..., and then I started laughing and scratching and drinking with Kathie Lee for 10 years."
The combination of her experience on Dateline and years with Gifford turned into a career win for Hoda, she said. Kotb gushed about her experience working with Savannah, making comparisons to her comment about Kathie Lee inevitable.

Hoda Kotb Gushes About Savannah Guthrie

When Hoda began co-anchoring with Savannah, she felt as if she had a "great moment" with a new friend. Kotb described their chemistry as immediate.
"[Savannah Guthrie] and I started anchoring together. It was like if you've ever met a friend...You say to yourself, 'Wow, that was so much fun, that works.' I think we had, kind of [snaps] an instant thing."
But does Hoda's "instant thing" with Savannah mean her "scratching and drinking" years with Gifford are over? During their appearance on the Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon never asked the question.

Hoda Kotb gushed about how much she enjoys working with Savannah Guthrie.
Hoda Kotb gushed about how much she enjoys working with Savannah Guthrie.

However, Hollywood Life reported that even though Fallon failed to ask the "big question," rumors are soaring about what will happen to the fourth hour of Today. The speculation has soared in the wake of Savannah's and Hoda's "gushing about how much they enjoy working together," pointed out the publication.

Could Kris Jenner Replace Hoda Kotb?

The publication reported that for the immediate future, Kotb will stay on despite rumors about Keeping Up With The Kardashians (KUWTK) star Kris Jenner replacing Hoda.
"The big question [is] who will replace Hoda as Kathie Lee Gifford's co-host in the fourth hour of Today. Rumors have been rampant that none other than reality TV matriarch Kris Jenner, 62, is up for the gig."
Jenner reportedly is aiming for the opportunity to join Gifford to sip wine and gossip. Now Kathie Lee has responded to those rumors that Kris is campaigning to become Hoda's replacement.

Kathie Lee Gifford Shuts Down Rumors — For Now

TMZ caught Gifford in New York and asked her about the rumor regarding Kris Jenner.
"[Kathie Lee Gifford] is shutting down rumors Kris Jenner will replace Hoda Kotb as her co-host on Today, even though she says she'd make a great one."
In the wake of Hoda replacing Matt Lauer on Today, the Hollywood Hills have been alive with the sound of gossip about Jenner aiming for Kotb's allegedly empty seat next to Kathie Lee. However, Gifford told TMZ that Hoda is stuck with the fourth hour for now because of a contract.

Despite that reassurance, Kathie Lee appeared to "leave the door open" for Jenner to seize the Today show opportunity in the future. Gifford also addressed rumors that her recent absence from Today was due to jealousy over Hoda's promotion, reported Little Things.

"The day after Hoda Kotb replaced Matt Lauer on Today, her former co-host Kathie Lee Gifford didn't show up to work for a few days. Her sudden absence following Hoda's new gig fueled rumors that Kathie Lee was jealous and upset."
After Gifford returned to her seat next to Kotb, she addressed the rumors of a feud. Calling the rumors "stupid," Kathie Lee asked why people were "conjecturing" that she is upset with Hoda. Instead, Gifford stated that she is "thrilled" for Kotb rather than jealous.