Mariah Carey Sued For $3 Million, Diva Cancels Show And Legal Drama Ensues

Mariah Carey has ruffled a few feathers south of the border, and now her decision to cancel a specific string of concerts in the locale has come back to haunt the diva in the form of a $3 million lawsuit.

The tension between Carey and promoters of her South American shows in the fall of 2016 caused the songstress to cancel performances in Chile and Argentina. The reasons that Mariah decided not to go forward with the shows reportedly came down to the promoters at FEG not following through on the contract that had been put in place by Carey leading up to the shows.

The singer launched her own lawsuit at that point, claiming a breach of contract for not being paid in full by the agreed upon date.

The Guardian relays how FEG has now responded to the suit launched by Carey.

“FEG has now countersued Carey and her company, Mirage Entertainment, for $3m, citing breach of contract and defamation. Carey pulled out of the shows on 25 October 2016, three days before the concert in Argentina.”

The promotion company states that they had paid the diva 75 percent of her fee by the time Carey decided to cancel — roughly $700,000. FEG noted in its complaint that Mariah was to give 48 hours to let the promoters fix any issues in its obligations and contract before the agreement was terminated. FEG claims Carey didn’t contact them to terminate and that the promotion team found out via social media.

Mariah Carey took to Twitter to announce the fact that the shows in the two South American nations were canceled, placing all blame on the promoters.

“Devastated my shows in Chile, Argentina & Brazil had to be cancelled. My fans deserve better than how some of these promoters treated them,” the tweet reads.

FEG has claimed that Carey is guilty of defamation and that the reason the diva canceled so abruptly without giving the agreed upon time-frame for the group to rectify things was due to poor ticket sales. FEG is now seeking over $1 million for damages that resulted from Carey’s cancellations, and $2 million for damages that resulted due to defamation.

Mariah Carey has yet to respond to the countersuit. Although Carey has endured a bit of a rocky road over the past couple of years, after a divorce from Nick Cannon, a broken off engagement from James Packer, lawsuits, and ridiculed performances, it’s clear that the superstar is resilient and comes through all hardships for the better. The diva certainly seemed unaffected and was wearing a wide smile while looking amazing when she stepped out solo this week, as the Daily Mail reports.