‘Top Chef: Colorado’ Recap: Episode 7 — ‘Olympic Dreams’

We had the first ever Top Chef Olympics tonight on Top Chef: Colorado, as the chefs had Olympians there to cheer them on throughout the challenge. The pressure was on, but who got eliminated on Top Chef: Colorado tonight? Find out the Episode 7 results below in our Top Chef spoilers.

Last week on Top Chef Season 15, the chefs had to create their signature dish in just 30 minutes. The winning dish got to take part in a BuzzFeed Tasty video, which happened to be Chris, who also won immunity. From there, the chefs had to create a German-inspired dish along with a radler. Before the challenge started, Lee Anne was having health issues, and because of that (and being pregnant), she elected to go home. The judges felt Brother did not make a German dish, so because of that, he was eliminated and headed off to Last Chance Kitchen.

Happy News

The show kicked off with some good news for one of the chefs, as Bruce found out the birth mother of his son was having their baby. They have struggled with having a baby but found one to adopt before he came on the show. Having just become a dad, he wants to do well on the show to prove to his son he can do this.

Quickfire Challenge

The chefs were surprised at the house very early in the morning by the arrival of Padma Lakshmi and Season 14 winner Brooke Williamson. It was time for the Quickfire Challenge, where they had 30 minutes to create a delicious breakfast dish featuring Nutella. The winner got immunity and $5,000.

Top Chef Colorado Spoilers - Episode 7


After tasting all the dishes, Brooke and Padma picked the least favorite dishes, which came from Joe, Tanya, and Adrienne. The favorite dishes came from Carrie, Claudette, and Fatima. The winning dish went to Carrie, who won immunity and $5,000 on Top Chef: Colorado.

Elimination Challenge

Padma was joined by Olympians Meryl Davis, Gus Kenworthy, and John Daly. For this challenge, they would be working in teams of three and would compete in three head-to-head rounds that highlight speed, precision, and creativity. They got to pick their own teams. For Round 1, they would have to feed 30 diners in 45 minutes. For Round 2, another team member had to cook a protein to the perfect temperature and compose a dish using three cuts: chiffonade, batonnet, and brunoise. For Round 3, they had to make the most creative dish using a mystery protein.

Prep and Baby Showers

The teams prepped, as much as they could, for the Top Chef Olympics. Bruce was feeling emotional, as he wanted to go home and just hug his new son. The other chefs surprised him with a baby shower and games.

Top Chef Olympics

It was time for the games to begin. Fans found out the teams and what round they were each participating in. The Round 2 participants had to tell the judges what protein they were cooking and what temperature they wanted to cook it to. Tanya just threw out a number, as she had no clue. They found out the protein for Round 3 was short ribs.

Round 1

This one had Fatima, Claudette, and Bruce battling it out. Bruce and Fatima’s teams were helping him out, but Claudette was working on her own a lot. The judges and audience voted and the gold, silver, and bronze medals were handed out.

  • Red Team (Fatima) – 47 points
  • White Team (Claudette) – 41.5 points
  • Blue Team (Bruce) – 50 points

Round 2

It was time for the speed round on Top Chef Season 15. They had to cook to their temperature, but they could not use a thermometer. This one featured Joseph (Blue Team), Tanya (White Team), and Adrienne (Red Team). For every three degrees they were off from the temperature they wanted, they would lose one point. Adrienne was off nine degrees, so she lost three points. Joseph was off six degrees, so he lost two points. Tanya originally pulled the temperature out of thin air, so she was 20 degrees off and lost six points. The dishes were served and scores were announced.

  • Red Team (Adrienne) – 40.5 points
  • White Team (Tanya) – 18.5 points
  • Blue Team (Joseph) – 42.5 points

Round 3

The final dish was created, as it was Carrie for Red Team, Joe for Blue Team, and Chris for White Team. There was definitely tension between Tanya and Claudette on White Team, but the dishes were finally served. The scores were announced and medals handed out.

  • Red Team (Carrie) – 35 points
  • White Team (Chris) – 51 points
  • Blue Team (Joe) – 51.5 points
Top Chef Colorado Spoilers - Episode 7

Judges’ Table

Back in front of the judges, the winning team tonight on Top Chef: Colorado was the Blue Team, who won three gold medals. The winner of this challenge was Joe. The losing team tonight was the White Team, who won two bronze medals and a silver. Tanya and Claudette did not get along this whole challenge. The judges discussed and it was Tanya eliminated tonight, as she heads to Last Chance Kitchen.

Top Chef: Colorado airs on Thursday nights at 10/9c on Bravo.