Jinger Duggar's Due Date Revealed By Jeremy Vuolo's Church, Fans Think They've Found First Baby Bump Photos

The month of Jinger Duggar's due date has been discovered on the website of her husband's church, but an error makes it seem as though she got pregnant out of wedlock. Duggar fans also think that they've discovered the first photos of Jinger's baby bump. However, it's possible that she didn't even know she was pregnant at the time the pictures were taken.

Jinger Duggar hasn't still shared any photos of her baby bump with her Instagram followers, nor has she mentioned her pregnancy on social media. However, fans who are desperate for updates on the Counting On star's pregnancy have been busy scouring the internet in search of images of her baby bump and information about her due date. One web sleuth struck gold after deciding to check out the website for Grace Community Church in Laredo, Texas.

Jinger's husband, Jeremy Vuolo, is the pastor at Grace Community Church, and his biography on the church's website was recently updated to include the month of his wife's due date. The Duggar fan who discovered this information shared it with a Tumblr page that keeps its followers updated on the lives of the Duggars and other fundamentalist Christian families. The fan also noted that the church listed the wrong year for Jinger and Jeremy's November 5, 2016, wedding date.

"Yikes the Laredo church website says they married in 2017 when it was 2016. Right now it implies Jinger is due 7 months after her wedding which makes it look like a shotgun wedding. Hopefully they get that fixed lest their parishioners think the pastor isn't pure!"
According to Jeremy Vuolo's biography, Jinger Duggar's due date is sometime in July.

On January 3, Jinger and Jeremy broke the news that they're expecting their first child. In the pregnancy announcement video that they filmed for TLC, the Counting On stars revealed that they didn't yet know the sex of their baby because it was still too early in Jinger's pregnancy. Based on this information, Romper speculated that Jinger was between 12 and 16 weeks pregnant at the time the video was filmed.

So far, Jinger Duggar hasn't followed in the footsteps of her older sisters, Jill and Jessa, by sharing baby bump updates on Instagram. However, fans think that her baby bump is visible in photos that were recently posted on the Facebook for SWAN 4 Kids, a nonprofit music mentoring program founded by Jeremy Vuolo's mother, Diana. Jeremy and Jinger attended the charity's 2017 Make an Extraordinary Difference Gala.

"Baby bump Vuolo has been spotted for the first time!" wrote one fan after seeing a photo of Jinger speaking at the event.

However, the photos from the SWAN 4 Kids charity gala aren't recent; according to the Duggar Family Blog, the event took place on November 15. So was Jinger already trying to hide a small baby bump underneath her sleeveless black dress?

It's possible that Jinger Duggar already knew that she was pregnant when she attended the gala. The Instagram photo above was taken 10 days later on November 25, and some of Jeremy Vuolo's followers have noted that he and his wife are wearing the same outfits as they are in one of the images that appears in their pregnancy announcement video.

In that photo, which you can see below at the 1:05 mark, the Counting On stars are holding up a sign that reads, "We're expecting!" It was likely taken on the same day as the November 25 photo.

However, even if Jinger Duggar was already aware that she was pregnant at the time of the SWAN 4 Kids event, it's unlikely that she had a baby bump. As reported by BabyCenter, first-time mothers like Jinger "usually begin developing a baby bump between 12 and 16 weeks." This means that Jinger's bump probably didn't start popping until sometime this month or late last month.

In other words, fans will just have to keep praying that Jinger Duggar will eventually decide to show off her maternity style on Instagram. When she does, they'll finally get a glimpse of her rocking the bump that has become every Duggar woman's favorite accessory.