Happy Birthday, ‘Breaking Bad’! Sonny Has A Special Present For Show’s 10th Anniversary.

It is hard to believe that it was 10 years ago this month that we met timid chemistry teacher Walter White, who for five seasons would take us on a roller coaster ride, along with his hapless but good-hearted sidekick Jessie, sometimes-ally-sometimes-foe wife Skyler, breakfast-loving son Walter Jr. (or Flynn, depending on his mood), hot-headed and relentless DEA agent brother-in-law Hank, flaky sister-in- law Marie, cold-blooded murderer-fast-food “Los Pollos Hermanos” franchise owner Gustavo Fringe, a dilapidated RV, a state of the art meth lab, and last but not least, Walter’s signature — now iconic — tighty whities.

According to Variety, Sonny Pictures Television has launched an official channel on YouTube commemorating the anniversary. The channel will incorporate and optimize a wide range of material consisting of official video clips, clips created by fans, and even newly generated pieces. The new channel will give fans the chance to get their Breaking Bad fix all in one place.

Fans visiting the site can use the hashtag #MyBreakingBadVideo in social posts for a chance to have their own compilation featured on the official YouTube channel.

Breaking Bad premiered on AMC on January 20, 2008, to modest ratings; however, it’s now called one of the best shows in television history. Brilliant writing and production, plus superb acting by the entire cast, made the show a fan-favorite and darling of critics and award shows. The series won 16 Emmy Awards, including the 2014 and 2013 Emmy for Outstanding Drama Series; two Golden Globe Awards; two Peabodys; and was even named to the American Film Institute’s (AFI) list of the “Top 10 Programs of the Year” in 2008, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014.

Breaking Bad was a dark show peppered with humor. Its actors often had to perform disturbing, harrowing scenes, which took a toll on them.

Bryan Cranston remembers that the hardest scene for him to film was when Walter allowed Jessie’s girlfriend Jane to die.


Cranston told EW, “Walt watches Jane die was probably the most difficult scene for me to shoot, emotionally,” describing a disturbing scene where Walt stands by as Jesse’s (Aaron Paul) girlfriend choked on her own vomit. “Because, temporarily, I saw the image of my own daughter in her face rise to the surface, take the place of Krysten Ritter, and then just as quickly disappear. But it was just instantaneous, that millisecond was all that it took for me to catch myself. Because again, I thought one of the reasons to save this person was because she’s a young woman, she could be my daughter.”

Jane’s death was a milestone in the show’s history. That was when Walter reached a point of no return. Cranston’s magnificent acting in that scene marks the moment when mild-mannered teacher Walter White finally disappears, and meth-manufacturer and murderer Heisenberg takes over for good.

Now, thanks to the new official YouTube Breaking Bad channel, fans will be able to relive this, and so much more, from their favorite show. It’s a real treat, and what a better way to celebrate its anniversary?