Gary Shirley Admits He Isn’t Perfect After ‘Teen Mom OG’ Scenes, Asks Fans To Leave His Wife Alone

Frazer HarrisonGetty Images

Gary Shirley usually doesn’t say much on social media when Teen Mom OG airs on MTV. However, it sounds like Shirley is not happy about the way Amber Portwood is talking about him on social media. Earlier this week, Amber revealed that she wasn’t happy with the way Gary and his wife, Kristina, were talking about her on the show, as they questioned whether Andrew Glennon was indeed a good guy for her. Gary decided to bring up the time when he was caring for Leah on his own, as Amber was struggling with drugs. However, Portwood wasn’t pleased and lashed out at Gary on social media.

Shirley admits that he could have said things differently. He also pointed out that he admits that he isn’t perfect, even though he tends to make her look bad on Teen Mom OG. According to a new tweet, Gary Shirley is now revealing that he lived in a bad neighborhood in Indiana and did many things to save up his money so he could get a good place to live. He also explains that he’s still learning, but that he and Kristina love Amber and would help her if she needed help. It sounds like he wants to put the past behind them. He adds in a tweet that he wants fans to leave Kristina out of the drama with Amber.

“Yes, guys I have a past. I’ve grown up. I don’t care where I was 5 years ago because I know where I am today. I made millions of mistakes that I’ve been forgiven for and thank god that I’m still here to correct the ones I’ve made today. My glass is 1/2 full and I’m still learning,” Gary explained on Twitter, to which one person added, “The show ‘asks them’ to speak about each other. Just [how] it goes when you’re on reality tv. That’s why it seems they talk about each other so often. I do love Amber Portwood though. But Kristina should be thanked as well.”

Of course, Amber Portwood is currently pregnant with a son, as she learned she was pregnant when she was in Hawaii with Andrew. The two had just started dating, but they decided they were ready to have a baby together. Fans haven’t learned how Gary will react when he learns of the news, but one can imagine he will be worried about Leah. It’s no secret that Amber absolutely loves Leah, but Gary may not understand how much she cares for her daughter. Gary has moved on from the drama that plagued him on the earlier seasons of Teen Mom OG, but he understands that Amber may need more time to find someone to settle down with.

Gary Shirley has continued to film Teen Mom OG over the years. He has been a big part of Amber Portwood’s storyline on the show compared to other Teen Mom OG stars and their respective ex-boyfriends.